Thursday, 5 May 2016

Almost all of the people recently suspended for "antisemitism" in the Labour party have been Muslim. One of the few non-Muslim names was a Scottish Labour councillor called Tom Kelly. His crime was apparently to speak of a "Jewish lobby" on his blog.

What he wrote was simply a favourable review of the film "The King's Speech".
Their chances are being played up for Oscars which if they are flying around should go to Rush but it might not happen because there is a powerful Jewish lobby campaigning against the film because of its historical inaccuracy about Hitler and the anti Semitism which it studiously ignores. I'm not sure about that stance because had I been looking for an accurate narrative of the time I would simply not gone to see it, they would be better to voice their concerns and accept it as a film with no message of any kind other than to entertain which it does brilliantly.
So he claims that a Jews were not happy that the King's "antisemitism" went unacknowledged and were campaigning to deny the film an Oscar. This was the first I'd heard of this so I did a bit of googling. It turns out he was absolutely right.
COLIN Firth's hopes of Oscar glory for his portrayal of George VI are under threat from an apparent internet smear campaign alleging that the wartime monarch had Nazi sympathies. 
... There are fears that its success at next month's Oscars could be hampered by an email apparently being circulated to members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who vote on the awards, accusing the film of ''glossing over'' history. 
It alleges that George VI, the father of the Queen, actively ''stymied'' efforts by Jews fleeing Nazi Germany to settle in British-controlled Palestine. He is said to have written to Lord Halifax, then the foreign secretary, in early 1939 speaking of ''steps'' being taken to prevent Jewish refugees leaving their country of origin. 
A significant number of members of the academy come from Jewish families that emigrated to America from Nazi-occupied Europe. The email, prompted by a blog entry on the website of New York magazine, draws from earlier reports including an article in The Guardian nine years ago that attributes the claim to archive material. Scott Feinberg, a Hollywood commentator, disclosed on his blog how he had received the anonymous message purporting to be from a member of the academy. 
''I'm an academy member, and there are a lot of us who won't vote for King's Speech for this reason, which was in New York magazine,'' it read. It went on to quote a posting in which the writer spoke of feeling ''morally compelled'' to highlight how the film allegedly ''glosses over the Nazi-sympathising past of the tongue-tied monarch''. 
''When it came to actively working to stymie Jews fleeing Hitler's Germany, George actually communicated quite eloquently,'' it said. The article drew from a letter the king is said to have written to Lord Halifax noting reports that ''a number of Jewish refugees from different countries were surreptitiously getting into Palestine''. He went on to say he was ''glad to think that steps are being taken to prevent these people leaving their country of origin''. 
Mr Feinberg remarked: ''Is the email that I received part of some sort of co-ordinated smear campaign that is being orchestrated by someone with a vested interest in stunting the awards prospects of The King's Speech, or is it really from an academy member who would like others to take note of documented facts about the film's subject that are not reported in the film? I can't say for certain.''

But, as Ken Livingstone recently discovered, when your opponents dominate the media and can instantly destroy the lives and careers of anyone they find objectionable, the truth doesn't actually matter very much.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews (sic) has recently taken to issuing a "Jewish Manifesto" for every election in Britain. Here was their comment at the time of the last general election.
Ahead of the General Election the Board of Deputies is encouraging everyone in the Jewish community to call upon MPs and prospective Parliamentary candidates to support its Jewish Manifesto and the 10 Commitments it has highlighted. To enable this to happen quickly and easily an online tool is now available for members of the public to contact their candidates easily online. 
The online tool, provided in partnership with We Believe in Israel, allows members of the public to write to all their candidates in a few clicks. They will be able to ask their local candidates to pledge their support to the Manifesto’s Ten Commitments and share their support for them on their social media platforms with the hashtag #TenCommitments @BoardofDeputies. This is all with the aim of ensuring that candidates are aware of all the community’s policy positions, from antisemitism to social action, from Israel to education and religious freedom to restitution.

But the Jews aren't just issuing their Jewish Manifestos for general elections. They're doing it for European elections and local elections too. Here is the list of Ten Commandments, oops, I mean Ten Commitments from their manifesto for the elections to the Scottish parliament which are being held in Scotland today:


As usual, we see Jews pushing diversity and multiculturalism, demanding the suppression of free speech, supporting state propaganda initiatives, trying to alter debate on the politics of the Middle East and allying with their Muslim brothers-in-arms against the indigenous peoples of this Europe. To most people, a "Jewish Manifesto" being issued by an organisation that claims to be representative of Jews, accompanied by demands that individual Jews pressure political candidates to sign up to a list of Commitments, looks a lot like a "Jewish lobby". But no. That's can't be. Thinking that would be "antisemitic".

Incidentally, there are only about 6000 Jews in Scotland, 0.1% of the population. Hardly worth bothering to issue a manifesto, you would think. But no chance to advance the Jewish agenda must be missed.


  1. CZ: Please could you list the 10 points in that Manifesto? I can't enlarge it enough to read it; it's too blurred.

    I believe the way to deal with Jewish Bigotry against Caucasian Christian Europeans is to expose what their ideology teaches with regard to, for example: race, the fact that only jews are considered to be fully human --- this would expose the bigotry and hypocrisy behind their supposed support for 'minorities' and raise the question of why, since they believe and are taught the opposite in their own texts, are they insisting on 'equality,' 'diversity,' 'no difference between races,' etc? Or are they doing all this, in opposition to their own teachings because they wish to damage Western (predominantly, Christian, peoples). We know the answer, but to pose these questions whilst at the same time supplying example of judaic teaching from the talmud on such an issue will be a powerful response. Once people know what the ideology teaches, they will be disinclined to give much credibility to cries of 'anti-semitism'.

    1. It was hard to fit it all in one screenshot. But you can download the original PDF from the link underneath and see the whole thing.

  2. En referencia a algunos datos de la nobleza británica, o de las regiones del Reino Unido, se sabe que muchos patriotas de todo Reino Unido apoyaron la causa de Hitler, incluso voluntarios en el Ejército alemán de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, y algunos británicos insignes que dieron muestras de valor como héroes, pero han sido silenciados por los políticos occidentales, de una forma u otra para mantener el poderío sionista en Occidente.

    No recuerdo el nombre, específico, pero hay evidencias de lo comentado, en sesiones de Historia documentada por formaciones patrióticas españolas como A.N., en la introducción se habla de ello, naturalmente en castellano.

    Con respecto a la noticia, ya sabemos las técnicas de Sión, y La Masonería, pero ya casi no tiene credibilidad, excepto en gente ignorante ( que es mucha en Occidente, todavía ).

  3. The Ten Commitments

    We would ask politicians of all parties to commit to:

    1.Promoting respect for religious observance.

    2.Promoting good relations, understanding, and cooperation between all of Scotland’s communities, and actively supporting projects that bring them together.

    3.Opposing all forms of hate crime, and in particular racism and religious hatred, including antisemitism, sectarianism, and anti-Muslim hatred.

    4.Promoting and enhancing community safety, both by supporting initiatives that foster resilience, and by funding appropriate security measures.

    5.Recognising that not all “communities” are geographical neighbourhoods, that census statistics can be misleading, and that minority communities can, therefore, be invisible at the local level, so that adequate support for communities requires a combination of national and local networks and initiatives.

    6.Ensuring that health, welfare, education, and other services are fully equipped to provide appropriate support for people of all religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.

    7.Supporting the provision of religiously and culturally specific community support services for those who would like to live and be cared for in such an environment.

    8.Recognising that “Getting it Right for Every Child” requires respect for young people’s identities as developing members of their own faith or cultural community.

    9.Supporting education about the Holocaust, and refuting and confronting those who seek to deny, minimise, or downplay the Holocaust.

    10.Acting responsibly when making statements concerning the Middle East, including about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

  4. "So he claims that a Jews were not happy that the King's "antisemitism" went unacknowledged and were campaigning to deny the film an Oscar. This was the first I'd heard of this so I did a bit of googling. It turns out he was absolutely right." Except the message was anonymous so it was probably phony. Not to mention based in fact albert not out of malice but apeasement:
    So you seem to sweep things under the rug and accuse jews of....what now pointing out the truth?
    "The Board of Deputies of British Jews (sic) has recently taken to issuing a "Jewish Manifesto" for every election in Britain. " off course ethnic interests are there. Hell you support your own and cheer when you do it. As a jew myself I am against it.

    1. The "accusation" was that Jews were lobbying against a film that depicted a historical figure favourably without mentioning his supposed antisemitism. That accusation was justified.

      You say you're "against it". Against what? The Board of Deputies? If you acknowledge that ethnic lobbies exist, including a Jewish lobby, then you must also, by implication, acknowledge that describing any talk of such lobbies as "racism" or "antisemitism" is simply a dishonest tactic used to suppress free speech. Do you?

      I support my own ethnic interests. Unfortunately, unlike you, I don't have any mainstream political party or organisation willing to articulate or represent them.

  5. If semitism is racism, antisemitism is being antiracist.