Sunday, 22 May 2016

For many years the dentist Dr. Marius Radtke (64) has been treating his patients in Pistoriusstraße in Weißensee. 
Marius Radtke works on a voluntary basis as a spokesman for the Lichtenberg district association of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party. This has made him the target of left-wing groups who decided to make his life difficult. 
In the neighbourhood where his practice is, they posted a "warning" in letterboxes. This informed patients that their dentist was a member of the "racist, unsocial and hypocritical AfD party". 
Then they sent them to the other dental practices in the area and asked the "dear practice team" not to send any more patients to Dr. Radtke. In this way since April 13 they have tried to ruin the dentist economically. On their "antifascist Initiative" portal the leftists congratulated themselves on this under the motto: "Pull out Germany's teeth!" 
Then, on Thursday 12 May it went a step further: 60 black-clad men marched in front of the dentist's practice. The police secured the door behind which Dr. Radtke held the drill while he was also insulted from the street. 
This march to the dentist's office was support by three groups under the title "Weißensee ist bunt" [Weißensee is colourful, ironically Weißensee means White Lake] One of these was "Willkommensnetzwerk Pankow Hilft" [Welcome Network Pankow Helps]. This network is supported financially by the federal government and specifically the Family Ministry. 
Previously "Pankow Hilft" has distinguished itself through voluntary work for migrants and asylum seekers and has been repeatedly praised for this. Now, however, the helpers have turned up in Pistoriusstraße, but not to help, rather to insult a dentist because he is a member of the AfD.


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