Saturday, 21 May 2016

Around two weeks ago, young Moroccans, aged between 20 and 30, organised a 'punitive expedition' to the Pakistani restaurant Himalaya in Aosta, telling the owners not to serve food to western Christians and to not serve alcoholic drinks. 
The Moroccans responded to the protests of the owners by damaging the restaurant, breaking the cash register and some furniture. While one of the youths was later arrested and taken to the police station, another is said to have returned to the Himalaya threatening the owners with setting fire to the premises if they filed charges. 
Not content with this, he is said to have telephoned other youths and presented himself in front of the premises with four other people. 
The Lega Nord Valle d’Aosta has made a statement on the police and carabinieri investigation, expressing "amazement, rage and concern about the Islamist attack". The Lega Nord is organising "a counter initiative to stigmatise a barbaric, uncivil act that is unworthy of co-existence with the people of the Aosta valley".

Here's a video (in Italian) the Lega posted on their Facebook page (link) of an interview they did with one of the Paki owners.



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