Tuesday, 17 May 2016

One of the major themes of this blog is the Jewish facilitation of Europe's de-Europeanisation and islamisation. In particular, I have called out the Counterjihad movement, which is almost entirely financed and run by Jews, for failing to point this fact out or engage critically with it. The attempt by Jewish Republicans to undermine Donald Trump, in which neo-con Bill Kristol has taken a leading role, is only the most recent manifestation of this more general tendency. Since I have criticised Jews for ignoring the phenomenon, it's only fair that I pay proper acknowledgement when they do finally recognise it in some way, even if only obliquely.

In a Breitbart article recently, David Horowitz denounced Bill Kristol as a "Renegade Jew" for his anti-Trump activism.
I am a Jew who has never been to Israel and has never been a Zionist in the sense of believing that Jews can rid themselves of Jew hatred by having their own nation state. But half of world Jewry now lives in Israel, and the enemies whom Obama and Hillary have empowered — Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, ISIS, and Hamas — have openly sworn to exterminate the Jews. I am also an American (and an American first), whose country is threatened with destruction by the same enemies. To weaken the only party that stands between the Jews and their annihilation, and between America and the forces intent on destroying her, is a political miscalculation so great and a betrayal so profound as to not be easily forgiven.

The phrase "Renegade Jew" evokes the stereotype of the subversive, disloyal Jew. Typically, this "trope" conjures an image of a Jew more loyal to his own tribe than to the country he lives in. But nothing in Horowitz's text really follows up on this. Insofar as disloyalty is attributed to Kristol, it is disloyalty not to America, but to Jewry. No mention is made of Jewish revulsion at European ethnic self-assertion. Kristol's opposition to Trump is put down to personal pique, not ethnic antagonism. 

Horowitz, incidentally, is the guy behind much of the Counterjihad movement. He literally pays the salary of Jihadwatch's Robert Spencer (reportedly $100K per year). Will this herald a new candour on Jewish issues from the Counterjihad movement? Unlikely. Very, very unlikely. But we take our crumbs where we can get them.

UPDATE: Pam Geller, another Horowitz crony and (I believe) employee, has pitched in too.
As Jews and supporters of Israel, Kristol and Shapiro should know better. If you are a Jew in this troubled world, the contrast could not be sharper. Clinton’s longtime relationship with her top aide Huma Abedin, an observant Muslim whose father, mother and brother were all Muslim Brotherhood operatives, should give every Jew pause. Hillary Clinton’s husband sold out the Jews to Yasir Arafat. She herself has been bought and sold by our enemies many times over. 
JINOs (Jews In Name Only), aka Jewicidals, have been betraying us for far too long. Those of us who for years have been fighting Islamic Jew-hatred and opposing jihad have been personas non grata in their publications and at their conferences. If you don’t trim the truth and parrot their toothless narrative, they marginalize you as effectively as does the uber-left. And there you have it. These Jews have more in common with the party of treason than they do with the most courageous defenders of freedom, individual rights and the freedom of speech.

Always amusing to see claims that Jews stand for free speech when it's clear to any impartial observer that they are the leading anti-free speech force within our civilisation.


  1. half of world Jewry now lives in Israel, and the enemies whom Obama and Hillary have empowered have openly sworn to exterminate the Jews—Horowitz

    The survival of Israel is wholly dependent on American protection, and the greatest threat to Israel is that demographic upheaval in the US will replace a Jew- and Israel-friendly white majority with a non-white majority hostile to Jews and Israel.

    The Jewish activist Earl Raab wrote in 1993: ‘It was only after World War II that [US] immigration law was drastically changed. In one of the first pieces of evidence of its political coming-of-age, the Jewish community had a leadership role in effecting those changes.’

    For all the Jews’ superior intelligence, it seems they haven’t an ounce of common sense between them.

  2. The Jews knew exactly what they were doing in being the driving force behind the Immigration Act 1965 (USA). Ted Kennedy, a then junior Senator, was just the front man and lied to the public when he said it would have no demographic effect on the US. It effectively restricted emigration from Anglo-Saxon and European countries in favour of Africans, Asians and Middle Easterners including jews. By this Act, American whites are no longer a decisive majority (all previous immigration acts, from 1790 onwards, had specified immigration of white peoples). The jews believe, no doubt, that having secured domination of media, academia, financial institutions and political clout, they will be in position to rule over these other racial/religious minorities (tikkun olam, 'fixing the world' to achieve jewish dominance for their own benefit) and, having removed freedom of speech and freedom to bear arms, they will be able to fend off any resistance from any quarter.