Saturday, 21 May 2016


Back when I was a left-winger, my original concern about Islam started with Turkey and thinking about the possibility of it joining the European Union. From there, as my knowledge deepened and I confronted the ignorance, naivety and intolerance of the Left, I transitioned away from them towards the right and then the ultra-right. The prospect of Turkey joining the EU, it seemed to me, would do more damage to Europe than anything since the Second World War.

But, although occasionally a matter of controversy on the continent - with Sarkozy, Juncker and, yes, Merkel, staking out anti-Turkey positions that mysteriously melted away under (I suspect) American influence after they assumed office - in Britain elite opinion was uniform. Politicians and newspapers from left to right supported Turkish accession uncritically; the right, because it was reflexively pro-American and this is what their American masters wanted; the left, because 80 million more brownskins would help in their project of diversifying the European peoples out of existence.

Although our rulers were all in favour, however, the issue was hardly talked about at all. Only the Telegraph ever made much of an issue of it, under (I suspect) the influence of the pro-Turk leader writer Daniel Hannan. This public indifference has changed recently. The Brexit campaign has taken up the Turkey issue and Erdogan's antics have finally provoked international attention. Even Conservative Friends of Turkey founder member Boris Kemal, who uses the name Boris Johnson and spoke recently of "my fellow Turks", has pitched in against Erdogan (link).

I fear the Brexit campaign is going to lose but, even if so, it will hopefully have done some good in raising the spectral profile of Turkish accession in the public mind.


  1. Since Cameron is pictured in this article, it is worth mentioning that his Jewish grandfather and Jewish great-grandfather were both officials in a Singapore bank which loaned the Japanese government sufficient funds for Japan to fight Russia in the Russo-Japanese War of 1905. This War helped to seriously destabilise the then Russian government which had been endeavouring to institute liberalisation of aspects of Russian government. The representative of the Japanese bank which received these funds later became prime minister of Japan and made the decision to bomb Pearl Harbour which was used, by the Roosevelt Administration in the US (heavily represented by Jews and communist supporters) to take the US into WWII. Millions of dead, a whole continent devastated by war, economically weakened, quite a return on their 'investment.' Their descendant, David Camerom. is determined to involve Britain, and Europe, in a (near) future war against Russia. Throughout the 19th century, the Jewish-owned Times and Telegraph (owned by the same Jew) pursued an anti-Russian and pro-Turkish stance (Russia, being Christian, was always regarded by its Orthodox Christian population as the 'successor' to Christian Byzantium in faith, that Byzantium destroyed by the Islamic Turks). The roots of our present conflicts in the West, with both Judaism and Islam, go back centuries, even millenia.