Monday, 9 May 2016

Green: citizen first; Red: Muslim first; Yellow: Arab first
Muslims first, citizens afterwards! That is the first finding of the study. Other than Tunisia, where the sense of citizenship prevails at 53.2 %, the majority of citizens of other countries feel Muslim above all.

I've argued that both Islam and Judaism are forms of deterritorialised nationalism. This is why Jews and Muslims generate both problems and antagonism everywhere they go: because when deterritorialised nationalism comes into contact with territorialised nationalism, it can only have disintegrative effects on it. The people living in normal, territorialised nations inevitably sooner or later perceive the harm they are suffering as a result of the aliens living in their midst, professing to be part of their tribe but in reality pursuing an agenda of their own. When rooted peoples seek to defend themselves against the destructive influence of these Oriental nomads, their actions, and the sentiments accompanying them, are given pejorative names: antisemitism and Islamophobia.


  1. Similar studies were done in many western countries by PEW and in all of them muslims said that they are muslim first, american/british/french etc. second.

    On the other hand, it was found that christians identified with their country first, and religion second.

    Never saw studies about jewish loyalty will be quite interesting if someone shares a link for such a study.

    1. But we all know the results would quickly be lambasted as anti-Semitic and racist.