Monday, 2 May 2016

Over the weekend, there were lots of articles about the fabricated antisemitism scandal in Labour, none of them acknowledging its utterly synthetic nature. On the political talk-shows every guest was expected to make a ritual denunciation of antisemitism. And they all did. Disease metaphors were to be found in abundance. On the Andrew Marr show, leftie Owen Jones used the phrase "the cancer of antisemitism" so often it was if he had made some kind of bet with his mates. "Fifty quid says you can't use it ten times." As I've pointed out previously (link), the idea of adverse speech as "contagion" is one that has deep roots in Jewish tradition.

"I saw the darkness of antisemitism, but I never thought it would get this dark," says Nick Cohen portentously in the Observer (link). Cohen, incidentally, is a Jew who trumpets his support for free speech. He even wrote a book about it.

Yet he apparently perceives no irony in his present denunciation of exactly the free speech he purports to defend. This juxtaposition of seemingly contradictory positions is a trick only the trained Talmudic mind can master. To simple-minded Gentiles, it may look like hypocrisy. But once you have drunk deep of the wisdom of the Babylonian Talmud and pored over Rashi's commentaries to help you understand it, you will know why it isn't.

Judging by the note of hysteria in all the public commentary, you'd think Britain was engaged in some kind of great national moment of tribulation. But what exactly is the underlying crisis here? Are Jews being sent to camps and shoved into ovens? Are they being torched out of their homes? Hounded from their jobs? Attacked in the street? No. None of that is happening.

The "Great Crisis of 2016" is that some people are expressing their opinions on the internet. One woman tweeted a graphic facetiously showing Israel relocated to the US. The graphic had been created by a Jew, Norman Finkelstein. This was the "virus of antisemitism". One man pointed out, correctly (link and link), that Hitler had supported Zionists. This was the "disease of antisemitism".

We're expected to take this seriously as a moment of national emergency.

Either the Jews sincerely believe what they're saying, in which case they live in a state of such paranoid derangement that they can no longer be taken seriously as rational interlocutors. Or (much more likely) they're consciously perpetrating a scam so shameful, so morally turpitudinous, so ethnically egotistical, that they can longer be taken seriously as rational interlocutors. Either way, they can no longer be taken seriously as rational interlocutors.

When thousands of British children were enslaved, gang-raped and tortured by Muslims, it didn't provoke this kind of reaction. But a few uppity goy criticise Jews on the internet and the entire journalistic and political establishment moves into action. We are living in a state of ethno-tyranny.


  1. Paranoid? Gilad Atzmon goes along with that:

    ‘In The Wandering Who I elaborated extensively on the notion of Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder. I argued that while some people are truly tormented by a past event, Jewish culture facilitates a unique mental condition in which the Jewish subject is tormented by a phantasmic event set in the future. Jews are indoctrinated to think at least one holocaust ahead.’

    Meanwhile, this review of Israel Shahak’s Jewish History, Jewish Religion leans toward the scam theory:

    ‘[Shahak] became acclimated to the peculiar moral atmosphere of Israeli society: a combination of overweening arrogance and deceit, a mixture of pugnacious self-righteousness and duplicity. Unlike his fellow Israelis, however, Professor Shahak is deeply troubled by this peculiar atmosphere. Whereas the Jews around him take it for granted that the goyim on whom they depend for economic, military, and diplomatic support are too stupid ever to figure out what the Jews think about them and say about them behind their backs and plan to do to them when they can, and too sheeplike ever to take effective action if they do figure it out, he worries. He remembers that the Romans figured it out, and they consequently sacked Jerusalem and ended their cult in Palestine. He remembers that the Germans figured it out, and that’s why he became an involuntary tenant in a concentration camp. He’s worried that if his fellow Jews continue behaving as they always have, they will get themselves into some really serious trouble—again.’

    ‘A scam perpetrated by the deranged’ covers most eventualities.

  2. During World War 2 a Zionist group offered to fight on the German side against the British -