Thursday, 26 May 2016

One of the recurring themes of this blog is the facilitating role Jews played in the Muslim invasion of Spain (link), and the obvious parallel this has with the modern Muslim invasion of Europe, which has also been ably supported by Jews setting up and maintaining the legal and moral infrastructure of the diversity cult.

Following the capture of Granada on 2 January 1492 (Día de la Toma), both Muslims and Jews were expelled from Spain. As ever, the Jews have spun a deceitful historical narrative stigmatising the goyim for having the audacity to defend themselves against Jewish ethnic aggression, a phenomenon better known as "antisemitism".

In Spain, part of this fable involves the 15th century period in which many Jews seemingly converted to Christianity under threat of expulsion. This mass conversion under duress is actually very rare, and perhaps unique, in Jewish history. Once they had seemingly converted to Christianity, Jews were liberated from the constraints that were otherwise imposed on them. They quickly acquired positions of influence among the Spanish elite and used those positions to benefit the members of their own tribe, both the seemingly converted and the unconverted. This helped give rise to the limpieza de sangre (purity of blood) movement under the Inquisition aimed at purging ethnic Jews from power, even if they purported to be Christians.

Historical controversy about this period mainly centred on whether or not the Jewish conversion was sincere. After they left Spain, many of the seemingly converted Jews reverted to Judaism, which would suggest to most people that their original conversion was not sincere. Fake conversion obviously reflects badly on Jews, confirming many of the stereotypes of Jewish untrustworthiness and tribal loyalty superseding all other considerations. We can't have such a blemish left in the historical record. So, as usual, the Jews sent a historian to "set the record crooked". This historian was Benzion Netanyahu, father of the current prime minister of Israel.

In his book “The Origins of the Inquisition in Fifteenth Century Spain”, he rewrote history in a way that was maximally favourable to Jews and maximally unfavourable to the goy. His claim, in essence, was that the Jewish conversion was sincere. The Jews really believed in Jesus! But they couldn't bring themselves to eat pork out of ingrained habit, not out of unbelief! (Incidentally, one reason that pork products still feature so prominently in Spanish cuisine is the historical role they played in establishing non-Muslimness and non-Jewness.) But the evil goy, I mean the Spanish, wouldn't accept these sincere "former" Jews at their word. They felt terrible prejudice against them, and the prejudice was racial not religious! Why then did the Jews revert to Judaism as soon as they were out of Spain? Because they weren't sincere? No, no, they were sincere! Totally sincere! They were just upset at the way the evil, racist Christians had treated them. And this is what put them off Christianity.

In a nutshell, that was the message of Netanyahu's book. It is an interpretation that has come to be very influential among historians of the period. So it is interesting that Netanyahu turns out to be descended from Jews who lived in Spain. Previously, it was believed the Netanyahu family's main sojourning had been done in eastern Europe.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed Tuesday night that although his family hailed from Eastern Europe before immigrating to Israel decades ago, he is in fact part Sephardic, tracing his family back to Jews from Spain. 
Netanyahu explained his family tree’s varied roots during the opening of a new wing at Beit Hatfutsot, the Diaspora-themed Museum of the Jewish People. 
During the ceremony, Beit Hatfusot chairwoman Irina Nevzlin presented Netanyahu with a copy of his family tree. The prime minister took a quick look and said it needed to be corrected. 
“My brother, Ido, is a writer and doctor,” Netanyahu explained. “He was approached by people who build family trees using DNA.” 
“Their thesis was that the Jews of Lithuania, and us, came from a Lithuanian family descended from the Vilna Gaon, which has a Sephardic Jewish foundation,” he continued, referring to the 18th century Rabbi Eliyahu ben Shlomo Zalman, a landmark figure in Ashkenazi Jewish history. 
“He did a saliva test, and sure enough, it came out that at least some of that tree needs to be attributed to the Jews of Spain. Of course, they let me, as the chairman of Likud, know that 30 years too late, but that shows that all of Jews are kin, and I think that is one of the biggest lessons to come from this place, this institute. You can see the family of the Jewish people.” 
Likud has long been seen as a political home for Jews of Sephardic and Middle Eastern extraction, who for decades complained of marginalization by the European-descended Zionist elite hailing from the country’s Labor and Mapai parties in the country’s salad days.


  1. Al menos, tiene buen gusto.

    Creo que nuestro amigo Sarkozy también tiene raíces de España.

    Hasta Obama estuvo en España antes de ser presidente, creo que en Barcelona en época de estudiante.

    Curiosidades de la vida.

  2. Not only are there cycles in history, but cycles in the genetic causality of its crises.