Saturday, 7 May 2016

I am Natou Pedro Sakombi, I am African, of Nigerian-Congolese origin. I was born in Kinshasa but I spent my childhood and my youth in Brussels, in Belgium. 
...My work, whose title is "From Blue Blood to Black Ink" deals with the problem of the falsification of history. In it, I examine the ways in which blacks have been excluded from the history of Europe. I deal with several sources that testify to a black African presence in Europe prior to a white presence on European soil, but also the existence of a black governing class in Europe. Everything indicates that these sources, literary or even artistic, have been hidden or sometimes falsified in the goal of dissimulating this reality which is that the blacks were the first inhabitants of Europe and that it was an era when Europe was governed by a black monarchy and elite.

She's not a professional historian and apparently found this all stuff on the internet.
I started to vaguely interest myself in the subject in 2012. And in 2013, during a quite painful pregnancy, I devoted myself solely to reading. I can also say thanks to Google (laughs), because as I always say, I am part of the internet generation. When I could have access to books, I didn't need to go to foreign libraries or consult archives in the world, they were often within reach of a simple click. I was able to consult several works and archives online, I viewed lots of videos and consulted websites.


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  2. If that is how much people of African descent lie now, imagine how they'd try rewrite the entire history to make it appear how they want it to. Making Whites out to be the diabolical protagonist and making Blacks out to be divine and wise and oppressed and victimized. Africans enslaved White people first. Many of them know that, but hardly anybody talks about it. If you let them continue to do shit such as this now, again, imagine what they'd do if they had the numerical advantage on us.

  3. It's a lie. Africans never migrated to Europe. The highest they went was Israel and they returned to Africa. And that book was very likely written by anti-white Jews. And since when does society listen to a deluded black instead of scientists? I mean this is complete insanity. Twilight Zone material.