Saturday, 21 May 2016

Google the name Zakia Belkhiri and you will find lots of stories from a few days ago in left-friendly media outlets such as the BBC. One of the new favourite memes of our rulers is of brown-skinned people "bravely defying" attempts by Europeans to prevent or protest against their own extinction. We had an example in Sweden a few weeks ago (link). No matter where the original incidents occur, these kinds of stories are readily picked by the establishment press, even being translated into other languages if necessary. They are usually described as "going viral" but this alleged virality seems more programmatic and officially-directed than spontaneous. So here he have another such contrived viral incident.
When hijab-wearing Zakia Belkhiri saw members of a far-right anti-Islam group protesting outside an Islamic lifestyle event she was attending in Belgium she responded like a true Millennial. The 22-year-old took out her phone and snapped a series of selfies with members of Vlaams Belang - a far-right nationalist group who some have described as "openly anti-Muslim".
The photo above of Ms Belkhiri posing against the backdrop of the demonstrators - some of whom were clearly impressed by her cheek - has since been widely shared on social media. Ms Belkhiri told BBC Trending that she took the photos "to show that things can be different. And that we can live together, not next to each other but with each other." 
It appears from photos of the demonstration that some protesters were amused by her actions, even though they held signs and placards which read "no headscarves", "no mosques" and "stop Islam". Some reports claim they were joined by Voorpost - a nationalist militant group who then distributed slice of pork sausages to visitors of the expo. 
Filip Dewinter is one of the leading members of Vlaams Belang. He said: "This Islam fair is an apartheid fair, where they preach segregation instead of integration." The target of the protest was the third annual expo held in Antwerp last weekend. The expo is a lifestyle event for Muslims, showcasing stalls, performances, talks, workshops and a halal food market is open to all members of the public. Although around 15% of the Belgian population follows the Islamic faith, the recent bombings at Brussels airport resulted in reports that there was increased support for far-right groups. 
BBC Trending spoke to freelance photographer Jurgen Augusteyns who was there to cover the event and took the photo of Ms Belkhiri snapping her selfie. "A journalist friend of mine told me to go, you never know how things like this will develop". 
He described how he saw Vlaams Belang at the entrance of the Muslim Expo last year. He said, "This Saturday there were about 40 protesters. To be honest, it was all a bit dull but when Zakia started to take the selfies it suddenly became much more interesting." 
Ms Belkhiri told BBC Trending that she initially shied away from media attention because she "didn't want to look like a girl who seeks attention." She also added that she doesn't think a selfie can be a form of protest; "this wasn't a protest at all, this was just to share joy and peace."

The "brave" brownskin heroine has now been cast into the abyss, however. Someone checked her Twitter feed and found this.

And then her Facebook page and found this:

Both accounts have since been deleted. Maybe the decision was made for her by the websites concerned. Or maybe she was brave enough to defy Europeans who, she knew, would be nice to her even as she was sneering at their imminent extinction but not brave enough to do the same to Jews.


  1. For the umpteenth time(sigh):

    The Halal industry (edible and non-edible products) helps to fund JIHAD which Islamic law manuals such as the Umdat al-Salik define as "warfare to establish the religion {Islam}." The profits from Halal sales are accounted as part of a Moslem's income, a portion of which is required, under Islamic Law (from the Koran 9:60) are applied to fund "those who fight in the Cause {or Way} of Allah" --- these are Jihadists and Islamic law manuals specifically recount the uses of Zakat including for Jihad. Those who argue that not all Moslems pay Zakat {required annually of Moslems, ususally collected via mosques, but can be 'donated' to 'Islamic charities', many of whom are found to act as conduits for funds to 'terrorists'} should be reminded that, as Moslems numbers grow in the West, the 'community' (Ummah) will apply pressure on all Moslems in its sphere of influence to pay their Zakat. Remember the next time you're tempted to purchase a pizza or kebab, or your supermarket is not forthcoming about which of its products is Halal, that purchasing such products helps to kill you and your fellow Europeans (and start informing friends, and supermarkets, et al). We are in a war and should start fighting back with facts and assertive action.

    1. You guys may be interested in reading the following linked articles:-

      It's written by Nick Griffin, formerly of the BNP so one needs to keep an open mind but it is interesting that so many of these false counter jihad groups, especially the American ones, are seemingly acting as fronts for policy makers, NGOs and lobbyists whose principal goal is fomenting further warfare in the Middle East which impacts, as it is intended to do, so destructively upon European nations and their peoples. I recognise many of the organisations and blogsites and personages, as I'm sure you will also.

    2. Zionist instigated Islamohysteria is a simplistic current in European politics, which seeks to place the blame on mass immigration (demographic genocide) into European lands, solely on the heads of the Muslims who benefit from it, rather than the people who purposefully engineer it to create conflict to begin with. Proponents of the worldview are usually strong liberals, who, seeing Islam and its "reactionary" values as a threat to liberal society, allign openly with Zionists. It is essentially a more "progressive" equivelent of neoconservatism. Some well intentioned people, who are not aware of the facts of who is really behind immigration, may be caught up in such movements.
      They represent an ideology where the importance of ethnicity is played down or dismissed completely.

    3. To be fair to the Counterjewhad sites, they did oppose military intervention in Syria while the Israeli government and most Jewish journalists and lobbyists were in favour of it.

  2. Diversity, nos llevan a la Primera Guerra Civil Occidental :

    Noticias mix.

    Piratas del Caribe, de la calle caribe :

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    Silencio en la Prensa occidental, en la Izquierda occidental - Un policía anti-disturbios linchado sin compasión :

    VIDEO del crimen :


    Políticos sionistas protegen y muy tolerantes con los elementos subversivos para crear más caos en Francia [1]:

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    Y, pour quoi c´est ? [1]:

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    Riots in Greek, ONG´s europeas ayudan a recomendar y asistir técnicas para provocar motines, los niños como escudo :

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  3. Miscegenation is the biggest threat. The breeding wars have done more damage to our race and our civilization than any plague, any of our enemies innovations, or any war.

    it out with them all, regardless of religion
    The problem IS race. Not culture, not religion - Those are concepts that change. Race is our genetic materials and it is sacred
    The focus on islam Usually comes from Jewish activists who are trying to hijack the anti-replacist movement. But from the point of view of race replacement, Islam does not matter at all. And from the point of view of violence in the street, it does not matter either. "Christian" Blacks(Brazil ,South Africa , USA ) are more violent than the average of Arab Pakistani.

    Any Middle Eastern country (formerly the wars in some of these in israel benefits) are infinitely better than any hole of the third world christian of Africa and Latin American - which are the most violent and corrupt countries in the world.

    The 20 most violent countries in the world are all Christians. Now ,there 4 Islamic (brunei, katar, Oman and Arab Emirates) among the most pacific