Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sacha Reingewirtz, a Jew claiming to support free speech while working to suppress it
The Union des étudiants juifs de France (UEJF) [Union of Jewish Students of France] and SOS Racisme are going to apply for summary judgement against Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for non-respect of their statutory moderation obligations imposed on internet hosting companies to delete clearly illegal content without a reasonable period of time. 
Activists from the UEJF, SOS Racisme and SOS homophobie carried out, "from 31 March to 10 May 2016, the first mass testing of the social networks, reporting 586 items of content that were racist, antisemitic, that denied the Holocaust, homophobic, constituting an apology for terrorism or crimes against humanity", the three associations say in a statement that was published on Sunday. 
"Of the 586 items of hateful content reported, only 4% were deleted on Twitter, 7% on YouTube and 34% on Facebook," they specify. 
The UEJF and SOS Racisme "will apply for summary judgement in the French legal system against Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, to understand the reasons for non-compliance with their legal obligations under article 6 of the law for confidence in the digital economy dated 21 June 2004, which requires hosting companies to delete clearly illegal content within a reasonable period of time, and to report it to the prosecutor's office," say the two associations. 
"The mystery that surrounds the operation of moderation teams on social networks prevents any serious progress being made in reducing racist and antisemitic messages," deplores Sacha Reingewirtz, president of the UEJF.

Is it me or does Sacha Reingewirtz not bear a striking resemblance to the figure in the Jewbwahaha graphic?


  1. Typical Jew hypocrite. Questioning The Holocaust is a new documentary exposing their lies about World War 2. Watch it before it disappears off the net -

  2. Spitting image.

    These people are an infection.

  3. El Schulkhan Arukh, del rabino Josef Caro, prescribe :

    "Un kohen (sacerdote judío) no debe casarse con una ramera.. ¿Qué es una ramera?
    Cualquier mujer no judía.."

    "El no judío es una basura, un excremento."

    Ya lo hemos dicho: Nicolás Palacios, nuestro investigador y pensador afirmaba, en su libro "Raza Chilena", que "cuando el judío habla de amor a la humanidad, hasta las piedras se sonríen". Este gran escritor, sobre el que se ha hecho nuevamente el silencio, debe haber conocido bien los textos judíos más modernos, que escriben :

    "La hipocrecía está permitida cuando el judío la necesite, o cuando tenga
    motivos de temor. Puede decir al no judío que le ama...”

    Los dos usuarios anteriores, de éste amable y apacible lugar, han dado la clave, y nosotros la explicación. Diversity protegerse siempre.

  4. I remember when the internet was a free domain to all.

    I remember when people actually cared for and respected Orwell's messages.

    I remember when thought-crime was not a reality.

  5. I contend that the way to deal with the Jewish attempts to silence freedom of speech is to reveal, on such sites as twitter, facebook and youtube, in precise, clear and dispassionate language, exactly what are those aspects of judaic teaching (from the core text of the talmud, kabbala, etc) which actually and fundamentally contravene the very notions which jews have put forward as the qualities required in civilised societies: in other words, if racism is evil, then why does judaism teach that only jews are fully human and others {non-jews} are not and are meant principally to serve jews --- is this itself not flagrant 'racism'? And a denial of 'equality'? What of the teaching that usury (condemned in the Old Testament as a worse sin than sodomy) is permitted against non-jews and even encouraged? Is this not inequality and injustice? And what of that old saw, deliberately misquoted by jews, that to kill one 'human' is akin to killing all 'humanity' (particularly in light of judaic teaching of the non-human qualities of non-jews, this is not only racism, inequality --- it is blatent, pathological 'xenophobia' and 'ethno-centrism' raised to a dangerous degree). What of 'tolerance' if judaic teaching only 'tolerates non-jews in order to use them and exploit them? What of paedophilia, extolled in judaim and permitted and expressed further through judaic owned media, is this not flagrant, unacceptable exploitation and abuse of children? One could site all this on these 'social network' sites and only be stating the truth (which judaism rejects --- lashan hara --- if it is a threat to their 'community'). Stating these facts on these social networks undermines all jewish attempts to destroy freedom of speech by hoisting them on the petard of their own beliefs, as with islam and moslems.