Wednesday, 4 May 2016

So, 0.41%. I want you to keep that number in mind. It’s important in the context of the current UK Labour Party woes over Anti-semitism. That’s the percentage that British Jews make of the entire UK population. Or for those of you who prefer real numbers, we Jews are 263,000 people out of 64.1 million in the UK as a whole. Let’s put that into an even bigger context, there are more members of the labour party (388,000), than there are Jews. 
So anyone looking at these numbers is probably thinking the exact same thing I am. How on earth has such a tiny minority managed to exert such a strong influence on British politics? And how on earth have such a tiny minority managed to effectively bring about one of the biggest crises in the opposition labour party since the early 1980’s? 
Well the short answer is that we haven’t and we don’t. We have simply been used as the latest pawn in the game of thrones by moderates in the parliamentary Labour Party who desperately want to unseat the radical head of Labour, Mr Jeremy Corbyn and his far left leaning acolytes. 
... You see, up until the moderates pulled out the Jew/Anti-semite card and put it on the table, they were out of options to get rid of Corbyn. They had tried throwing everything at him: Trident (the UK’s nuclear deterrent that Corbyn opposes), his desire to get rid of the army, his poor performances at Prime Minister’s question time, his views on minimum wage and taxing the rich to the hilt, etc, etc, etc… None of it worked, none of it stuck. 
For the moderates it was like one of those nightmares where you are trying to fight someone off and the punches you land, seemingly with all your force, feel soft and have no effect. 
So somewhere, in a corner office in the House of Commons, a researcher was put to work on the Jewish/anti-semitism card. They sifted through tweets, facebook posts, old statements, speeches, you name it, to find the necessary dirt on the wacko faction. They didn’t have to look too hard. 
They then picked the two weeks before the London Mayoral, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish Assembly elections, not to say regional elections to launch their attack. The idea was to create such a furore that the effect on Corbyn would be shattering. 
As it stands, Labour look set for their worst regional council elections since 1982. Their mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan has already said the row was costing him electorally. The outworking of all this is that post-elections, the moderates can legitimately start sharpening their knives and inflict their badly wanted death blow on Corbyn and reclaim labour, putting it back on the centre ground. 
And we helped them do it. We responded exactly as we were supposed to. Ambassador Mark Regev, Israeli politicians, rabbis from every denomination, all appeared on TV. We, this tiny minority, got huge airtime and acres of newspaper coverage. 
Ask any British Jew what they want most, and most will tell you to live peacefully, quietly, and to live a Jewish life without fuss and attention. 
That’s why it sits so badly with me that we have been manipulated like this. Used and I would say, abused in this inter-Labour warfare. We have been used in the past as pawns across the political spectrum. We need to be more careful in future before falling into the same trap again.

I've got a feeling this "somewhere, in a corner office in the House of Commons" was actually somewhere in the Community Security Trust, a Jewish intelligence agency/propaganda outfit/thug squad with dozens of employees that receives millions of pounds from the British taxpayer each year.



    This is the definition of the term "burying the lead". Gotta shove the the Telegraph's agenda in first.

    "All political parties share in the responsibility to rid our society of anti-Semitism but we cannot achieve that objective with political posturing or empty promises of action never to be fulfilled." -Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

    WAAAAAY down the page among the confusing selection of photos is this

    "As voters prepare to go to the polls on Thursday, Tories attacked Labour's London mayoral candidate made in 2009 to Press TV.
    During a discussion about Muslim voters, Mr Khan said: "You can't just pick and choose who you speak to. You can't just talk to Uncle Toms."
    Speaking to ITV London News, Mr Khan acknowledged that the comment had been an offensive racial slur."

    We all know it wasn't about race. We know he referred to hypocrites and apostates by using that term.

    I feel sorry for anyone that can't leave London to get away from its fall.

  2. Quite a choice for the English Caucasian Christian people who will vote in the London Mayoral Election, between a Jew and a Moslem. Is there anyone out there who seriously believes the phony victimhood mantra that the jews were dragged screaming into this row which was partly conducted (probably between all three political parties) to pave the way for legislation to make both 'anti-semitism' and 'islamophobia' crimes? As for the supposedly low, and thus insignifanct demographic number of jews living in Britain, surely more to the point is who controls the Media, the Financial Institutions, Academia, and the backgrounds of so many present, AND past politicians, cabinet members, Ministers of State, etc. That is far more likely to indicate jewish influence of a staggeringly high extent, especially as regards legislation proposed (by the British Board of Jewish Deputies), presented to Parliament (by Jewish Home Ministers) and passed (by so many 'friends of Israel'). It is a disingenuous argument, to argue that numbers alone are relevant in the matter of power and influence. One need only look to British history in the time of its Imperial Empire to recall so many instances when "the thin red line" of British soldiers, outnumbered by thousands of their opponents, managed to win battles and preserve peace and civilisation. In the present case, a thin red line (the spectre of Bolshevism hanging over it) has managed to do quite the opposite. And British media does all it can to hide, obfuscate and refuse to tell the truth to the British public as per its masters' plans.

  3. Desde hace décadas, la política occidental se basa en dos factores alineados e indiscutibles, impuestos por esas minorías elitistas desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial, aunque ya en siglos anteriores la mano de La Masonería y su famosa propaganda hizo acto de presencia.

    El primero, se puede definir en las políticas ya conocidas de izquierdas, que agrupan a las ideas comunistas, anarquistas, socialistas, etc.

    El segundo, con las políticas conservadoras de los liberales, que son masones de un alto grado, mayor que los de la izquierda.

    En Occidente no existe, de forma general, en los principales países partidos políticos patriotas en el poder, de hecho nunca lo ha habido, y es ahí donde esas minorías se encuentran a gusto y de manera confortable, pues tienen el camino ya asentado y los planos ( el mapa ) para llegar al sillón que espera en alguna oficina de poder, en algún periódico, en algún partido político, en alguna instancia superior, etcétera.

    La única forma de efectuar una verdadera protección de la democracia es hacer ver a los patriotas occidentales que la solución está en las formaciones o partidos que defienden la Historia y cultura occidental, además de sus gentes y fronteras.

    Lo demás, es secundario, desde mi punto de vista personal.