Friday, 20 May 2016

This is from a Le Monde interview with Jean-Claude Juncker.
Austrians could elect a far-right president on Sunday 22 May. You have called for people to vote for the Green party candidate. Do you confirm this call? 
In view of the possibility of seeing a hard and pure right and far-right win, I feel obliged to say that I don't like them. Apparently Austrians haven't appreciated this, but I don't give a damn: with the far right, no debate or dialogue is possible. 
You said before that a vote for the populists is a vote lost, but the populist vote is spreading throughout Europe? Why this change, do you think? 
We don't need to run behind the populists, who often post good questions, but give the wrong answers. If the large traditional parties followed what they advocate, what kind of Europe and world would we live in? An anxious Europe characterised by rejection of the other? I am happy for it to be said that the traditional political parties have distanced themselves from the deep thought of part of public opinion, but that Europe would not be ours.


  1. The arrogance, stupidity and blatant hatred of the kakistocracy of the EU for the peoples of European nations is staggering, offensive and deserving of the most intense response imaginable; for the present, it will merely be evinced by votes in these inane elections which will decide nothing (coalitions only produce polarisation and no sensible solutions to serious problems), but the day may not be that far off when finally the public takes matters into its own hands, as it is entitled to do when governments become destructive of the ends for which they were originally founded and indifferent or even genocidal against the peoples they are meant to serve.

    kakistocracy: Government by the worst men in the State.

  2. These genocidal eastern asiatics cannot be endured any longer. Ban the Moslem and Judaism religions in Europe and western nations. Institute stable ethnic European protection laws, issue usury free real money currency, mobilize military invader expulsions, secure firm leadership protection regimes and collect aggressive taxation from all remaining ecumenical egalitarian religions.