Tuesday, 31 May 2016

On the internet "young, clever, self-sacrificing activists" are being recruited for summer camps: the radical right-wing Identitäre Bewegung (IB) [Identiarian Movement] is now being monitored by the Verfassungsschutz [Agency for Protection of the Constitution]. 
The Verfassungsschutz has taken aim at the radical right-wing Identitäre Bewegung (IB), which strictly rejects immigration from other cultures. "Some state officials are now looking at the identitarians more closely because, for them, the threshold for monitoring has been reached," said the president of the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maaßen, to the "Rheinischen Post". 
"We have noted that in various federal states they have gone from pure internet activities to meetings in real life." The movement aims to protect Germany's identity from mass immigration and sees itself as a "metapolitical and activist arm of the New Right". The IB also offers "physical fitness" training in so-called summer camps and sees itself as being "at the beginning of a turning point in history". 
It is mainly young, male and quite well-educated people who are involved in the movement. They avoid criminal offences such as painting swastikas, assault and incitement to hatred. From the end of 2014 the identitiarians seem to have strengthened their appearance in Saxony-Anhalt. Since then they have increased the frequency of their actions. Instead of operating in secret, the members spread their activities openly on the internet, where they boast about their actions.


  1. What the totalitarian EU (via its member states' "governments") is aiming for, it would seem, is total censorship of free speech and also negation of the right of free assembly; both of these stances are designed to destroy a sense of identity as a people and to prevent any formulation of a policy or action by any group not approved of by the State/EU. I look on the positive side with such developments; when the enemy is doing everything to expose its true nature, more people see the mask slipping and the emperor naked.

  2. Es habitual que determinadas secciones de seguridad de países sean presionados para seguimiento de actividades políticas que no sean las políticas correctas de la mano sionista en todo Occidente.

    Son lo que se denomina ¨ herramientas de poder ¨, aunque en determinados países se roce la ilegalidad con determinadas acciones de las fuerzas de seguridad, ya que la privacidad está en entredicho ; por otros motivos aludiendo a motivos de seguridad.

    Es inevitable que los movimientos patriotas alcancen el liderazgo en la política, progresivamente, y el gran público sepa mejor la Historia documentada que ha sido ocultada por gentes extranjeras y no occidentales.

    Una muestra de temor es la posible acción anti-democrática y fraude electoral en Austria, un escándalo mayúsculo :


  3. Pero cuando son las empresas privadas con la censura a las naciones, algo raro ocurre, y peligroso, ya que puede ser la chispa que encienda una revolución de masas.

    Y :