Friday, 20 May 2016

The Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) decisively rejects separate accommodation of Christian and Muslim refugees. The President of the Catholic Lay Association, Thomas Sternberg, warned in an interview with the "Welt" newspaper of the "devastating signal" that would be associated with this. Sternberg argued that if refugees "were housed separated according to religion in our country, it would strengthen the impression that we are not capable of peaceful coexistence." We should not "stir up the erroneous belief that Christians and Muslism cannot live well together."

This is a good illustration of how political correctness kills. There are Christians being assaulted and raped by Muslim "refugees" in these centres. I'm not sure if any have been killed yet. I remember reading of at least a plot to kill a Christian, which was prevented before it could reach fruition. So this is real-world harm and suffering that is occurring. But, even though it lies within our power to prevent it, these deranged do-gooders prefer to let it continue rather than "send the wrong signal". Effectively, they are calling for human sacrifice, insisting that a few rapes, assaults, murders are a price worth paying for their dogmas of equality to be publicly upheld. This is moral perversion.

The same principle is at work in allowing Muslims to go on working in sensitive positions, for example at airports. It has been shown that several airports in Belgium and France have been massively infiltrated by radical Muslims. It may well turn out that the Egyptair crash was caused by some of these airport workers. Banning all Muslims from such work would save lives. But that would contravene the principle of equality. Better to let people die. The God of Equality demands human sacrifice.

Notice how quite a few of my stories recently have had an anti-Catholic tinge. Of course this is completely random. I just go where the facts take me. But perhaps all the Catholic Counterjihad sites will now stop linking to me, just like all the Jewish ones did before? And perhaps all the non-Catholics involved in the Counterjihad movement, convinced that "anti-Catholicism" is some kind of demonic evilness, will do the same? Or perhaps not. The same craven Europeans running Counterjihad sites, the Henrik Clausen's, the Snaphanens et all, would have had no problem at all with anti-Catholic stories. Anti-Jewish stories, though, that's something else. If any of you Judenknechte still read this site, I just want to take this opportunity to express my utter contempt for you and your cowardice. Enjoy your shekels.


  1. Well spoken, CZ. The concept of equality, always presented as laudable, is, in reality, highly dubious and dangerous because equality, extended to its ultimate end, means the denial of morality, of discerning serious and life-threatening differences, choosing to discriminate in favour of the positive rather than the negative and perverted, and recognising that there are superior concepts, ideologies, races, and forms of human/political/social intercourse. Equality is a Trojan Horse which must be rejected if Western peoples are to survive, fight and prosper once again.

  2. Lawrence Auster, the Jewish convert to Christianity, writes about the ‘deranged do-gooders’ in part 2 of ‘How Liberal Christianity Promotes Open Borders and One-Worldism’:

    ‘Liberal Christians argue that since God created all men, therefore all humanity is one, and therefore cultural, ethnic, and national differences don’t matter and we should all be mixed into one society. But to believe that such a blending of humanity can be practically and safely achieved in the present stage of human development—to turn America into an extravagantly multi-ethnic and multicultural society, shorn of its historic majority culture, in the expectation that God will save us from the consequences of this insane experiment—is to “tempt God”. It is a suicidal act of arrogance. If we ignore the laws of cause and effect that operate in this world, believing that our good intentions will protect us from the operation of those laws, we will only succeed in bringing ruin on ourselves.’

    Part 1 is here.

  3. The whole point of "welcoming refugees" is that "refugees" are facing some existential danger at home that requires urgent transfert in the West. Now if that logic is correct, and that the "existential danger" happens to be Islam, then it would be fully logical to fight against Islam at home, or at least, to separate "refugees" from the danger that is Islam. The fact that the so-called humanitarians don't do that, and decry any attempt to do that, prove that the intention of protecting refugees has been a fraud from the start. The Catholic Church and every faction of the humanitarian left (or right) don't want to protect "refugees". The only thing they wish to protect is the sacred dogma of non-discrimination.

    Liberal Christians don't get the difference between "loving your neighbour like yourself" and "thou shall not discriminate", and therefore are totally delusional about their own motives to "help others". They mistake their liberal impulse not to discriminate with a christian desire to do good to your neighbour. They don't practice the religion of Christ, they practice the religion of non-discrimination, which aims at the negation of human differences. And the negation of human differences is not rooted itself in altruism either : it expresses nothing more than a desire for the radical autonomy of the self. No more constricted by race, culture or whatever else, the self becomes literally anything, so in effect "loving your neighbour like yourself" becomes "love anything like anything". You can very well replace it by "love yourself like yourself", and that's what it really means in the end.
    Liberal Christians don't welcome refugees, they welcome their illusions about human nature and themselves.