Thursday, 5 May 2016

Luigi Guardiera was a young French patriot who was active with the Front National. Just over a week ago he was attacked when he came out of a nightclub and his injuries left him brain dead. He died after a few days in hospital.

I've seen a few patriot sites describing this is an attack by anti-fascists (link). However, nothing that I can see in the French news stories reporting the incident describes it in those terms. His mother says he was attacked by a group (link), but the police have arrested a single 25-year-old with a criminal record and say there is no indication of a group being involved. Even his mother seems to attribute the attack to the general prevalence of criminality rather than his political engagement.

It's possible, of course, that it was a group attack by anti-fascists, but we should putting these kind of stories around without proof. So, does anyone have any proof?


  1. If true, there needs to be payback. Eye for an eye.

    Leftist blood needs to flow in the streets.