Thursday, 19 May 2016

Welcome to the team - We'll get back to you
See you tomorrow - Sorry, we're not looking for anyone
You start on Monday - You don't have the right profile

This is part of the new brainwashing campaign intended to fight "extremism". What with the massacres in Paris, you would think the French government might be most concerned about "extremism" of the Islamic variety. But no. It's Europeans they seem to be really worried about. And with Marine Le Pen still riding high in the polls, you can see high. The political intent that lies behind this programme, on which €100 million is being wasted, is barely disguised.

"We cannot just sit and watch rising populism, extremism and radicalism in all its forms, to have this threat in the middle of our Republic," said Gilles Clavreul, head of DILCRA, a ministerial body overseeing the fight against racism and anti-Semitism. The three-year government plan includes an arsenal of proposals, from deepening sanctions and the Internet fight against hate speech, to launching school and citizen education programs.
Giant posters portray job seekers with their faces split in half - white and non-white - with the tagline "Skills First." Next to the white side are messages like, "You start Monday." On the non-white: "You don't have the right profile." 

Years ago, I wrote (link) about a French government programme mandating the use of anonymous CVs in the Paris region. It was expected that this would lead to brownskins being invited to more interviews. In fact, it had exactly the opposite effect. They were invited to far fewer interviews when the employers didn't know they were brown. This meant that employers were already practising racial discrimination in favour of brown people. But when the truth doesn't fit your agenda, you can just ignore it. The caption at the bottom of these posters reads:
Skills first. With equal skills, name and origin can force you to make up to 4 times as many CVs to get an interview.


  1. I'm simply amazed at how no one catches on that any time discrimination is mentioned, regardless of what kind and against who, you'll also hear 'antisemitism' in the same sentence. Always.

    Thanks for the reminder about your post in 2011. It's really telling, isn't it?