Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The time of demonisation seems well and truly gone. Today, voting for the Front National seems to be less embarrassing and is seducing all generations, even the young. According to an IFOP study for the National Association of Children and Youth Councils (Anacej) revealed this Tuesday in Le Monde, between 27% and 31% of 18-25 year-olds would be ready to vote for the far-right party at the next presidential election. She would thus beat all the other candidates if they were the only ones to vote.


  1. Great news about the voter demographic; but really M. LePen goes home after the winning election, and beds down with a jew.

  2. $300,000 fine imposed by the EU on nations that refuse to take refugees!


  3. En principio, todos los partidos políticos que defiendan la soberanía de sus respectivas naciones occidentales, la protección de sus fronteras, y el control de inmigración es sinónimo de opción válida para votar.

    Aunque igualmente los sionistas intentarán introducirse en esos ambientes, y aprovecharse del desconcierto existente para sacar beneficio.

    Naturalmente eso será muy difícil en naciones como España o Gran Bretaña, o el propio Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, donde casi todo el parlamento está compuesto de políticos sionistas o lo son todos. Hay de todas formas esperanza en otros países occidentales, ya hay pruebas de esto, y pronto en otras naciones importantes de Europa, como Alemania, donde las encuestas aparecen como victoria para los identitarios o patriotas occidentales, y Merkel tendrá que marcharse muy lejos con sus políticas negligentes del Sionismo ( Merkel es Rebekah, su verdadero nombre judío ).

    Recemos, o pidamos a los Dioses del Olimpo, tal vez llamar a Thor o a Odin. Toda ayuda es buena Diversity.

  4. Did you ever hear about this Cheradenine?


    "Fight Against the Right (German: Kampf gegen Rechts) is an ideological, government-funded program in Germany whose stated purpose is to fight far-right politics"

    "Fight Against The Right is funded by the German government. Each year, a total of 24 million Euros of tax money goes to the program"

    They used the firebombing of a synagogue by two Arabs as a pretext to justify this reprogramming campaign against white people designed to stamp out patriotism.

    1. Yeah, I think I posted about it before. But I missed the "repurposing" after an Arab attack.