Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The 2015 conviction statistics for sexual crimes show that there were 294 convictions of Austrians and 103 of foreigners. In relation to drug offences, in the previous year 14% of all 3,045 convictions under the Narcotics Act were of Afghan refugees (219). These answers come from a reply by Justice Minister Wolfgang Brandstetter (ÖVP) to a parliamentary question from the FPÖ about "Criminal tourism", which the "Kurier" reported about in the Saturday edition. 
If convictions of non-Austrians in 2015 are compared with those of Austrians, it shows that "foreigners, with 23,609 convictions (incident and not person-related, therefore there is some double-counting), are closely behind Austrians (29,439 convictions).

So foreigners commit 44% of all crimes in Austria and one quarter of all sexual offences. Yet the URL for this article deliberately minimises these astonishing facts: Three times as many Austrians convicted of sexual offences as foreigners.



  2. CZ: Re the issue of so-called 'hate crimes': I have noticed that the European and British press, which act as propaganda tools for the EU (and NATO) are stressing the upsurge in 'hate crimes' and always connecting this with 'anti-semitism.' In some cases, press do admit fleetingly that the latter is due to increased presence of Moslems but, in general, the 'blame' is placed on "the rise of far-right extremism or extremists." (Not much mention of far-let crime, but no surprise since the latter appears to act with governments' approval or at least disinterest.) For years now, jews have attempted to persuade the EU to define 'anti-semitism' as a crime and place it on nations' statute books as such. (The UN appears to agree with this.) Also, Moslems for their part have attempted for years to have 'islamophobia' defined too as a crime. I believe this concerted european-wide concentration of 'far right crimes' (always as an expression of covert neo nazism) is deliberately leading to a european ban on 'anti-semitism' and 'islamophobia' which, in reality are largely verbal expressions of facts (Livingstone re the Transfer Agreement between German Government and Jews in the 1930s though he muddled the facts a bit) and it is FACTS and TRUTH which both jews and moslems (and the beneficiaries of their financial largesse and political clout --- politicians) wish to silence, not supposed physical crimes against their adherents. With the EU's agreement to waive visa control on 75 MILLION TURKS into the EU (starting from today) and of MILLIONS of Ukranians (from the deliberately destroyed country thanks largely to US, NATO and EU connivance and financial and military contributions), it is obviously imperative on the EU to strangle freedom of speech and to create a political situation where, if native europeans react against this genocidal and enslavement acts, the EU will justify putting them down with full force of arms (including the EU army and military police alignment now in place) as attacks against the EU itself. ALso, Britain is the country in which jews (British Board of Jewish Deputies) first put in place many restrictions on free speech and hate legislation so it may well be Britain (under its present jewish leadership of Cameron) that would start defining criticism of judaism and islam (under false terms of anti-semitism and islamphobia) as actual crimes.

  3. It should be added that Netanyahu recently stated that Israel would use Talmudic law as the basis for its legal system and that Israel is a state of the jewish people; this is why, lately, jewish leaders and politicians have begun to say that criticism of Israel as a nation is, in reality, only 'antisemitism.' To criminalise 'antisemitism' would thus effectively remove Israel from any criticism and, since Israel and jewish lobbyists are a prime force in encouraging US and NATO intervention in the Middle East (with disastrous results for European peoples flooded with 'refugees' and US and European countries burdened with war costs and social knock-on effects from them), this could be suicidal for European countries to enact 'anti-semitism' as a 'crime.' (At the Telegraph today, the 'chief rabbi' has an article conflating zionism, Israel and 'anti-semitism'. This is definitely not merely a case of political infighting in the Labour Party, but it is being used as an excuse to silence the British people and, by extension, all Westerners).