Sunday, 22 May 2016

The benefits or otherwise of ethnic diversity is an issue that tends to be discussed with more fervour than fact. To a significant degree this is driven by people of Middle-Eastern origin whose worldview is rooted in the "Combat Myth", according to which the universe is a grand battleground on which the forces of Good and Evil fight it out. One of the few factual data points in this swirl of Oriental miasma has been sociologist Robert Putnam's finding that ethnic diversity breeds mistrust, both among the different ethnic groups but also within them. Putnam himself is a diversity-loving leftist who was troubled by his own findings. In fact, so troubled was he that, for years, he avoided publishing them while he scrambled for a way to spin them in a form that would serve a pro-diversity agenda. Now, it seems, someone else has done that for him.

Maria Abascal and Delia Baldassairi have reinterpreted Putnam's data. Let me emphasise this to be clear: they haven't collected any new data; they have just sifted through Putnam's old data and looked for a different way to spin it. Their thesis, in a nutshell is this: brown people are most mistrustful than "white" people, so if you have more brown people in your sample, you're going to have less trust overall. Since "diversity" basically means brown people, Putnam's research doesn't establish that diversity degrades trust, only that brown people are less trusting. And why are brown people less trusting? Because of Whitey's racism, of course. Here we depart from the realm of fact and enter the realm of speculation, but that's something the authors seem happy to do.
According to our analysis, disadvantage accounts for lower levels of trust. If you have a low income, or less schooling, or are unemployed or experiencing housing instability, you are likely to report lower trust. To make matters worse, if your neighbors experience similar disadvantages, this compounds your distrust. Taken together, this suggests that it is not the diversity of a community that undermines trust, but rather the disadvantages that people in diverse communities face.

Implicitly, this amounts to an acknowledgement of the fact that brown people are poorer and less well-educated than whites, something usually denied by proponents of non-European immigration into European societies. But that can be skipped over.

And their basic thesis cannot accommodate Putnam's awkward finding that, in the presence of diversity, mistrust increases even within ethnic groups. But that's no problem. Just blame it on Whitey's racism again.
Finally, our only finding related to diversity confirms a familiar story about white intolerance toward minorities. Whites who live among more blacks and Latinos report slightly lower trust than those who live in predominately white communities. This is a far cry from the claim that the minorities who are diversifying the nation are responsible for declining levels of trust.

Whitey's racism is the magical salve that can cure every ailment.

There are various ways in attempts could be made to confirm their hypothesis that "disadvantage" causes mistrust, not diversity. For example, you could survey ethnically-homogeneous white and non-white neighbourhoods. Are the people there less trusting than in more prosperous neighbourhoods of a similar ethnic composition? You could survey changing levels of trust over time in areas that are becoming more ethnically diverse but whose average income level does not fall. But of course they haven't done any of that. They've just thought up a new way to spin an old set of data. And even if they did do this research and it refuted their hypothesis, they would think up some new way to spin it again so Whitey was still to blame.

The claims the multicult makes are irrefutable. As such, it departs from the realm of science and enters the realm of religion. Through the alchemy of their magical thinking, any seeming disbenefit caused by diversity can be blamed on the Evilness of Whitey, evoking ancient religious tropes that depict suffering as the consequence of sin.

We need to understand the profound irrationality of the people who rule us, that is the ones who actually are part of our tribe, as opposed to the aliens pretending to go along with their agenda, but simply ruthlessly exploiting it for their own ethnic advantage. We are dealing here with a cult. The only thing you can compare this with historically are outbreaks of religious mania. The idea of Equality is as important to our rulers as Islam is to Muslims. It is a religion, not a rational, refutable belief system.


  1. And of couse this comes from the Jew York Times. Jews in Israel themselves do not believe in diversity and are not even allowed to marry non-jews, took zero refugees, allow only jewish immigration, and live in segregated neighborhoods, have vigilante groups looking for jewish women dating arabs, yet via the NYT they are selling diversity to everyone else.

    But the big problem is not jewish propaganda, it is the idiots who believe it and do not use their brain cells.

    Higher levels of distrust among non-whites could be caused by the lack of empathy genes in them. Studies found that unlike whites, very few black people have empathy genes.

    It is very clear that having diversity in the same country is negative and destabilising, as most current conflicts around the world are caused by diversity, and not by something else.

    Ukraine: ethnic minority vs ethnic majority conflict.
    Syria: ethnic minority vs ethnic majority conflict.
    Iraq: ethnic minority vs ethnic majority conflict.
    Afghanistan: ethnic minority vs ethnic majority conflict.
    Turkey: ethnic minority vs ethnic majority conflict.
    Israel: ethnic minority vs ethnic majority conflict.

    As you can see, almost all current conflicts are caused by diversity, and in all cases ethnic minorities are used as proxies by foreign forces trying to destabilise the country. Diversity in the same country is a potential time bomb, because when someone wants to destabilise your country, he is going to weaponise the minorities in that country, encourage separatism, etc.

    Almost all current conflicts are caused by diversity, where a minority is used as a proxy by foreign forces in order to destabilise a country. Having a minority in your country is a time bomb waiting to be activated by someone.

  2. The Communist ideology provides the perfect system of government, one which creates a workers paradise. Any failures within a Communist society are cause by the Fascists/racists. Therefore, the Fascists/racists must be crushed.

    The Islamic ideology provides the perfect system of government, one which creates a theocratic paradise. Any failures within a Islamic society are cause by the infidels. Therefore, the infidels must be crushed.

    The Multkulti ideology provides the perfect system of government, one which creates a multi-racial paradise. Any failures within a multicultural society are cause by Whitey. Therefore, Whitey must be crushed.

    US: The CDC is blaming the high rates of HIV in black men on Southerners' "racism," and "homophobia". It's a formulaic redistribution of rights and blame. Whites are always the oppressor/perpetrator and non-whites are oppressed/victim.

    It's a moving wall of blame pushing traditionalists/nationalists into oblivion.