Thursday, 19 May 2016

Benjamin Disraeli once quipped that Arabs were just "Jews on horseback". Recent genetic research confirms that he was right.
Greenspan founded Family Tree DNA in 2000. The company is one of the most recognized non-medical DNA testers in the world. Greenspan will be presenting several sessions at the IAJGS conference including “DNA and The Jewish People,” which, he said, is guaranteed to provoke conversation. 
To date, Greenspan has amassed the male-inherited Y-DNA profiles of nearly 15,000 Jewish men in his database, reaching what genealogists call “critical mass.” These numbers of Jewish men allowed Greenspan to compare the genetic signatures found in Middle Eastern populations with those from European populations. 
Greenspan found that Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews and Muslim Arabs are a nearly perfect genetic match and he hypothesizes that both, quite likely, originated from the same tribe, long ago, in the Middle East. “The Jews are from the Middle East and it doesn’t matter whether you’re Ashkenazi or Sephardi, you look the same on the Y chromosome,” said Greenspan. “There is almost no difference between Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and Muslim Arabs.

This deep genetic similarity casts a fascinating light on the many distinctive behavioural patterns that Jews and Arabs have in common, such as the inability to acknowledge fault, the obsessive desire to suppress free speech, the simplistic binary morality rooted in a Good vs. Evil concept, even the reverence for an imagined glorious past, of which this passion for genealogical research is only one expression.

Most likely Jews acquired their European DNA from purchasing captured European women as sex slaves during the period of Ottoman rule, as described in a previous article (link).