Monday, 16 May 2016

Later during a debate on the European Union, Daniel Hannan, Conservative member of the European Parliament, representing South East England , said leaving was the best way to protect religious practices such as shechita, and Brit milah. 
He said: “It must be safer to make our own decisions especially when it comes to protecting our religious freedoms.”

Not sure where this debate was. The context of the article suggests a Board of Deputies meeting, but it may have been at the Spectator debate shown above. Hannan does not mention the Jew issue during the contribution shown, though.


  1. Hannan also supports Turkey entering the EU
    What a laughable "conservative"

  2. Not sure where this debate was

    It’s probably the debate mentioned in the Jewish Chronicle on the 12th May: ‘On Sunday, the Board of Deputies will host a debate on the referendum, with Labour MP Wes Streeting speaking for the Remain campaign and Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan putting the case to leave.’

  3. Yo no veo políticos que defiendan a la gente de Gran Bretaña, solo veo gente que habla de dineros y estatus privilegiados, y con un público ya preparado para aplaudir y reir, como algunos --- sketch --- del vídeo.

    A mi me simpatiza bastante Nick Griffith, de un partido patriótico británico, pero que no sabemos si estaría cómodo en ese sitio, ya que está lleno de masones, al igual que en la Unión Europea.

    Aunque el título de la noticia traduce perfectamente la mega-política que estamos sufriendo, ya que es una situación internacional.

  4. Hannan is actually a member of a pro-Turkey in the EU NGO (largely funded by, logically, the EU and Turkey), a little fact of which he neglected to enlighten his readers at the Daily Telegraph and was eventually 'outed' by concerned and outraged readers.

    1. The Conservative Friends of Turkey Association (Hannan was a founder member). How much of an NGO such an Association can be, given the present government's support for Turkey, one cannot say. Link:

      I can recall reading Hannan's blog and its readers' comments which certainly were, at that blogger states, massively hostile to Hannan's turkophilia before they were informed by other readers of the reason for it and his central role in the CFTA. The blogger quotes Hannan saying that there is no mention of stoning (of adulterers) in the KOran, that it comes from the Old Testament. True, but nowhere near the full truth: the mandate for stoning in Islam comes from at least 22 Hadiths (in al-Bukhari and Muslim) and the Sira states the particular incident when early in his career, Muhamed, with the aid of his former Jewish Rabbis who have converted to Islam, that a Jewish tribe must not desist from the stoning of adulterers and the former Rabbis point to it in the Jewish writings, whereupon Mohamed says, "I am the first to uphold the Law" and orders the stoning. That fact was already common knowledge in readers' comments at the Telegraph; Hannan was indulging in taqiyya and kitman.

    2. That's my (abandoned) blog you're quoting. Also I was the one who stirred it up on the Telegraph blogs. But the Conservative Friends of Turkey Association isn't really an NGO in the sense usually understood. It's just a group within the Conservative Party. And I'm not aware that it receives EU or Turkish funding.

  5. Also, Hannan knows, as do the Jews and Moslems, that the EU will do nothing to stop their child sexual abuse (circumcision, female genital mutilation, child 'marriage', sex slavery); in Germany a few years ago, there was uproar when a Moslem child of 4 was mutilated by circumcision with complications (Jewish babies have been known to die from contracting HIV/Hepatitis due to the disgusting practice, in addition to the actual genital mutilation, of the officiating Jewish cleric sucking on the baby's penis and infecting the baby). The German govt made it clear that it would not interfere with 'religious practices'. I read sometimes of people saying that 'holocaustianity' is the 'religion' of the EU. No, that is merely a device for silencing free speech; it is paedophilia, emanating from the texts of both judaism and islam, which receives EU support and, as evinced by the amount of paedophilia in the british institutions and amongst the political/social/medica classes, one can see why they cynically and cruelly support such child abuse by support for these two ideologies.