Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Migrants will be increasingly recruited as police officers - those with and without German passports. Interior Minister Herrmann hopes this will produce a greater clear-up rate and more de-escalation. The failures in the investigations of the NSU terror group have increased these efforts. 
Bavaria will increasingly employ police officers with foreign roots. Experience has shown that they have a "more direct line" to people of immigrant origin, as they speak their language and know their mentality better, said Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) on Monday in Nuremberg. "I hope this will help police achieve better clear-up rates and conflict resolution."

This is insane. I can see many Europeans rightly refusing to acknowledge the authority of police officers who are foreigners and don't even have citizenship.

What does this have to do with the NSU? The NSU, if you go by the official story at least, were a small east German right-wing terror cell who killed about 10 Turks over a period of years, one Greek whom they presumably mistook for a Turk, and, I think, one police officer.


  1. Well, if you consider that the European Union wants its own Army (and Police Force), then the idea of being under the authority of non-citizens is intended to become a reality, if the EU has its way. This also means that the EU will ensure that its army and police are NOT citizens of the various countries into which they will be called to 'restore peace' or force the citizens to 'obey the EU'; people who are not your own nationality, race, or religion will obviously have less empathy for you, less knowledge of your legal system's history and probably little hesitation in carrying out their overlords' diktats.

  2. Son factores que se utilizan en caso de situaciones de alarma o guerra.

    Por lo que ya podemos intuir que las Fuerzas de Seguridad en el país amigo de Alemania, en algunas zonas, se utilizan éstas técnicas para la lucha contra el Terrorismo ( en general ) y por motivos de inteligencia, entre otros casos auxiliares y otros básicos de control de personas.

    Me pregunto todos aquellos aspirantes a las Fuerzas de Seguridad en Alemania cómo han recibido la noticia, después de estudiar fuerte, codo con codo, los libros de temarios amplios que exigen antes de las pruebas de selección de personal, y pruebas físicas, además de requisitos previos ; nacionalidad alemana, estatura, no haber sido condenado por delitos, etc, altura, etc.

    Nos llevan a la guerra Diversity, pero nadie nos lo dirá.