Monday, 23 May 2016

The case has been made that women are playing a disproportionate role in the immigration catastrophe engulfing Europe; that they are more xenophilic than men; more emotional and indulgent; overrepresented in the ranks of "migrant" charities and help groups and the like. On the evidence of the recent close election in Austria, there may be something to this. This graphic from the FAZ shows a breakdown of the ballots cast on election day. So it does not include the voting cards, which are mainly cast as postal ballots.

In this graphic, the male votes are shown in blue, the female votes in red. The more intense the shade, the younger the voter group. As you can see, men mainly went for Hofer, the Freedom Party candidate; women, especially young women, mainly went for van der Bellen, the Leftist.

Working class people (shown in the leftmost column) went overwhelmingly for the far-right patriotic candidate. This is a pattern we are seeing elsewhere in Europe as working class people realise that the Socialist parties have abandoned them and embraced the brown horde.


  1. Dinamarca :
    Siete de cada diez refugiados no conocen el alfabeto occidental.

    Austria :
    Detectan errores importantes y manipulación de votos electorales favoreciendo al Grupo Los Verdes :

    Alemania :
    Honores a una mezquita, grupo de Los Verdes :

  2. It is also the working class population who are most inflicted with the invaders; it is less affluent areas which are chosen by the Socialists (Communists) to be flooded with the aliens because it is presumed that less "educated" people will not protest articulately enough against this invasion and genocide of their culture and selves and, also, constantly ignored is the fact that in Communism it is those who are the lower orders, as well as the 'bourgeoisie', who must be literally destroyed in order to form a new world order.

  3. One can make educated guesses about the postal ballots based on experiences in other countries, especially Britain: these are probably largely from 'immigrant' (i.e. moslem) concentrations in the population and many of the ballots may be falsely filled out with false names, addresses, citizenship entitlement etc and, of course, because these migrant groups are the major recipients of social benefits (housing, rents, unemployment, extra payments for children, extended relations, etc) they already form a powerful bloc on which the Socialists/Communists depend in order to keep themselves permanently in power. All of which seems to point out that elections, as the Western peoples have understood them for centuries, are now irrelevant and even dangerous because they only solidify the stranglehold of those parties dedicated to the demise and/or enslavement of native Caucasian Christian peoples in their own lands.

  4. Yes, i will provide all the neccesary data and studies showing the link between feminisation and third worldization of society, so that it could be used for reference.

    Men are more "racist", more conservative, more capitalist, and less egalitarian than women (less likely to believe in equality ideologies).

    Majority of women reject Donald Trump

    Women are more likely to donate to foreigners, compared to men, who donate to their own people.

    More women than men support Open Borders in Sweden

    Feminist organisations zealously support Open Borders

    The more feminist the party, the more it supports Open Borders, see Green Party programme

    Women are only 40 percent of UKIP voters, 37 percent of AFD and Swedish Democrat voters.

    Men more xenophobic than women

    Women less likely to support deportation of illegals

    Women care less about their own group, compared to men

    Women are 75 percent of converts to Islam

    Suffrage coincided with immediate increases in state govern-
    ment expenditures and revenue and more liberal voting patterns
    for federal representatives

    In leadership positions, men are more readily willing to take the risk (and therefore the responsibility) on behalf of their group. Women, on the other hand, tend to be very unwilling to do so.

    Men are tribal, women are relational. Circle of Friends (women) or Members of a Group (men)?

    German women do not want to vote for AFD because they do not want to be mothers or to have more than one kid.
    Currently, the birth rate of native german women is very low and below replacement rate, just 1.3 kids per woman, with 40 percent of college educated women being childless, so this female attitude is extremely selfish and shortsided and it will obviously lead to german suicide.

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