Monday, 23 May 2016 is reporting that journalists present at the scene in the Interior Ministry where the result will be announced expect the leftist Green candidate to win.

All state capital cities went for the Green.

Most of the regional votes were announced at 3.45 pm local time. The Green Van der Bellen won all of them, in each case improving his position slightly in the postal vote compared to the election-day ballots.

The Freedom Party have complained about some irregularities in the voting or counting process.

UPDATE: The Leftist has been declared the winner with 50.1% of the vote!

This is a guy who says he would not appoint a government to be formed by the party that just won half of the vote! Who is the threat to democracy? The "far right" or the left?

Although the outcome is disappointing, this is still a tremendous step forward. Half the population of a country have defied the left's moral intimidation. That means they heard all the usual "Nazi", "Racist", "Fascist" jibes and declined to take it seriously. In itself, that marks a significant step towards moral and political maturation.

In a Twitter message acknowledging defeat, Hofer said:
Please do not be despondent. The effort put into this election has not been lost but is an investment in the future.
It's even conceivable that the Freedom Party could benefit from some weird psychological rebound effect, as the SNP did in Scotland when they lost the independence referendum, that would see their support actually increase.


  1. Even if the Freedom Party candidate (Hofer) had won with the postal ballots as well, it would not have mattered because the other parties --- the two which have historically acted as coalition partners, and the Communist Greens, would have all joined together as a grand coalition to have prevented any FPO government from being able to enact necessary legislation. (Austria has slumped, under the Socialists, from no. 3 place to no 10 place in industry, there is little research in the country, it relies on tourism and has a high ranking for corruption in its businesses, including of course, the financial sector, as well as rising unemployment and a capital city in which 50% of is population are apparently of 'migrant background.' I don't know the percentage of the population, or ethnicity thereof, who depend on social security benefits but in other respects it follows the classic socialist descent in its infrastructures. It also has the second highest percentage for reception of "refugees" just after poor benighted Sweden.

    This will probably be repeated throughout Europe, with increasing polarisation of the publics, whilst the numbers of the enemy migrants grow, uncontested until the point when the politically-divided natives may be unable to mount any serious opposition, political or otherwise.

    As to the postal votes and their numbers swinging the election to the establishment's puppet candidate (Bellen), it would not surprise if, as in Britain, the postal voting system displays marked 'irregularities' and downright dishonesty. In Britain, there have been court cases over fraud in the postal voting system (especially amongst Moslems in London boroughs) so we shall have to watch developments in Austria.

    1. The president has very little real power but he does have public prominence and can go around giving speeches which would have altered the tone of debate, gradually making "far right" ideas more acceptable and paving the way for a real victory in future.

    2. The President does have one very important power, that of being able to dismiss Parliament and call for new elections. Given the massive support for the FPO (50%) and the amount of serious opposition to the EU in Austria, new elections might have meant the coming into power of many representatives who would support Austria leaving the EU. This may have been why there was so much bile directed against Hofer --- the Italians, as well as the British and Austrians, seem to favour leaving the EU.