Monday, 16 May 2016

Tirol's FPÖ head Markus Abwerzger has complained about the "blanket destruction" of the Freedom party's election posters for the presidential candidate Norbert Hofer. There was a "concerted action" in this respect in the night from Saturday to Sunday, Abwerzger told the Austrian Press Association. The damage is enormous and is far above 10,000 euros, said the regional party head. 
Reports of similar things happening have reached him from all districts. There has been destruction and vandalisation both in towns like Kufstein or Wörgl as well as smaller communities. Even the regional capital Innsbruck forms no exception. "In Innsbruck there are now almost no more Hofer posters that haven't been defaced", said the head of the Tirol FPÖ.


  1. There's an old saying in the entertainment business that, to paraphrase it, no publicity is bad publicity. The more this type of desecration of posters, and attack upon the concept of free elections, occurs, the more people become aware of the truly dangerous, evil and destructive tactics and ultimate goal of the left. When your enemy is shooting himself in his foot, it is wiser to let him get on with it and simply call the public's attention to it; people are not as stupid as the politicians would like to believe.