Saturday, 16 April 2016

He has flown some back with him to Vatican City. It would poetic justice if some of them turned out to be Islamic State jihadis who killed him.
This fact of the traitor bringing back a few Muslims with him deserves to be examined more critically than it has been. First of all, there's no airport in the Vatican City so he must be bringing them back through Italy. Was this agreed by the Italian government? According to Sky News, the Pope kept this a secret until he was in Lampedusa. Are the Muslims he brings in going to stay in the Vatican City or be allowed out into Italy? Are they going to get jobs there? If he has done this all on the sly without the knowledge of the Italian government, and if he plans to let them out into the wider world, what exactly is to stop this traitor flying in any number of Muslims and letting them loose on Europe?


  1. I'm Catholic. The hell with this traitor. I really wish the know-nothing elites would be expelled from Western society to an island with a bunch of these savages. Merkel, Obama, the looser running France, Canada, and the UK are nothing more than liberal arts professors with giant egos. They do nothing good for our countries; they do the opposite.

    If there isn't a change, they'll be executed in the streets when the rest of the middle class gers half as fed up as me.

  2. Ecumenical Egalitarianism will not survive.


    Roma, y la élite de la Iglesia, está infectada por La Masonería.