Sunday, 3 April 2016


  1. El Islam es un sistema anti-democratico, según los expertos en la temática.

    No decimos : NO democrático, decimos anti-democrático ( que no permite la democracia ) por lo tanto lo más lógico es que la prohíban.

    Es como si en las escuelas enseñaran a los niños a ser delincuente, y el gobierno de turno lo permite.

    De todas formas no hemos visto a las grandes comunidades del Islam en todo Occidente condenar los sucesos criminales del Terrorismo islámico, algunas subvencionadas con fondos públicos y de la Unión Europea en suelo occidental.

    Atalajaka alastaka.

  2. Música diabólica según las gentes del Islam, sus guías.

    Para acompañar mis palabras.

  3. People need to get their facts right about Islam when debating Moslem: the mandate of death for apostasy is to be found in a Hadith (the Hadiths are extensive, many thousands, but those of al-Bukhari and Muslim are of paramount respect and importance in Islam) wherein it is said by a Companion of Mohamed that Mohamed had said that "Whosoever leaves his deen (Islamic faith}, then kill him."

    This mandate of death for apostasy is upheld by all five schools of Sharia. The apostate is given a certain period of time in which to "recant" failing which, death follows. This applies to any adult male, adult female Moslem who is regarded as sane and it also applies to Moslem children with the exception of one school of Sharia which does not regard children as culpable to a charge of 'apostasy.'

    The point about such a mandate is that, in non-Islamic countries or places, it is not always possible for Moslems to carry out Sharia such as this mandate, but that as numbers of Moslems grows in non-Islamic countries, their demands to institute Sharia become stronger and they may ultimately be in such a position to enact this death penalty (which is enacted, to a certain extent, through 'honour killings' which are carried out by relations of a person deemed to be apostatic in behaviour or conduct by adopting Western, non-Islamic dress/conduct/actions/beliefs.