Saturday, 2 April 2016

I've been listening to the David Duke radio show recently, archives of which you can find here (link). I was vaguely aware of David Duke before but had probably only read a couple of his articles I had come across randomly. It was only when he was raised as an issue in the Trump campaign that I visited his website, read more of his stuff and listened to some of his shows. It's definitely worth listening to, although I disagree with him in several important respects, one of which I will outline below.

In a recent show (link), he celebrated the American revolution against Britain as a tremendous triumph for humanity. As I see it, however, the American revolution was the genesis of the catastrophe now engulfing us, the minoritisation of European peoples in their own lands, the Great Replacement or the European Genocide as I call it. In other words, what Duke celebrates was the principal cause of the predicament he now bemoans.

Why do I say this? In the American revolution, what we had was a people breaking away from their ancestral homeland and kinfolk and beginning to define their peoplehood in abstract terms: based on place of birth, an administrative status called citizenship, values that supposedly embody the essence of the people, the co-existence of multiple "religions" within the same state and a formal proclamation that all people are "equal". These are the very ideas that are now destroying our civilisation. It is they that legitimate the mass migration that is turning Europeans into ethnic minorities in the lands they created.

Indeed, one of the complaints levelled against George IV in the American Declaration of Independence was precisely that he was trying to block immigration.
He has endeavored to prevent the population of these states; for that purpose obstructing the laws for naturalization of foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migration hither, and raising the conditions of new appropriations of lands.
Even if these ideas have had catastrophic and perhaps fatal consequences for European peoplehood, you could argue that the American Revolution was hijacked by intellectuals - Thomas Jefferson in particular - and used to advance an agenda that ordinary people would not have supported had they understood it. Indeed, you could argue that the intellectuals themselves did not understand the long-run implications of the principles they were articulating. If they did not affirm the importance of Christendom or the "white race", it was because they felt no need to. It was "self-evident". But what was self-evident then is much less so to the rulers of the present day.

The American Revolution began as an affirmation of ancestral peoplehood but ended in its formal repudiation. How so? What irked the revolutionaries at the start was the denial their rights as British people. They saw themselves as Britons entitled to the customary rights of Britons, as established in law and precedent. It was because they were refused those rights, simply because of geographic separation, that the rebellion began. They were not demanding abstract "human rights" or "droits de l'homme", as the French revolutionaries did, but specific customary rights that had been acquired by British people - uniquely, not as an inheritance of all mankind - over the centuries.

But however the American rebellion began, it ended with the triumph of abstraction over reality; of values over ancestry; of imaginary idealism over shared history. The entrancing effect of these ideas on Europe's leaders over the centuries since is what has conjured into being the invasions we are now experiencing. The sex attacks in Cologne; the mass rapes in Rotherham; the jihad attacks in Paris and Brussels - all of these were already implicit in the American Revolution and the complex of ideas it gave rise to about the nature of peoplehood.


  1. You'very got it all wrong simpleton. This is a 50-year old problem.

    Europeans have built and exported jumbo jets around the world. Dessert people that never once built a ship and immigrated can now hop a plane from their hell to out societies in hours for under $2000 USD. So called leaders like Obama and Merkel are one of the problems....

    Look at John F. Kennedy--liberal icon of the 60s. You can bet damn well after 9/11, Paris, or Brussels he'd say "we need to destroy them all." That's self evident...



    Munk Debate on Global Refugee Crisis Nigel Farage, Mark Steyn, Louise Arbour, and Simon Schama participated in the semi-annual Munk Debate on how developed nations should deal with the global refugee crisis.

    (Our side still takes pains to avoid the Mohammad problem)

  3. The American Experiment was doomed from the start.

    In order for Europe and Europeans to survive, America must fall.

    Fortunately, America's demise is progressing nicely.

  4. America is Europe 2.0. The superior race wresting land and resources from the less capable.

    Laguna beach--you are stupid. America represents Europe's expansion to South America, South Africa, Australia--space... America will have hiccups, but she's far from failing.

  5. En mi opinión hubo dos fases bien diferenciadas con respecto al país amigo de Estados Unidos de Norteamérica.

    1. Cuando aparece la independencia no había una idea de igualdad para otras razas que no fueran los blancos o procedentes de los países europeos.

    2. Cuando ocurre la Guerra Civil estadounidense hay dos bandos muy bien definidos ; uno por las tradiciones de su cultura que era los sureños, y la otra los norteños con los famosos mensajes de ¨ populismo ¨ de que todos somos iguales.

    Se puede entender perfectamente una idea que en su inicio estaba bien, pero al continuar el tiempo se ha tergiversado la idea inicial.

    Los colonos europeos no tuvieron una estancia feliz para conseguir conquistar el Oeste, porque eran culturas primitivas y no existía la democracia en sus culturas. Eran pueblos salvajes y no podía haber respeto mutuo ya que no había igualdad no sólo de condiciones sino de culturas avanzadas.

    Por eso la primacía fue para el hombre blanco.

    Sin embargo, El Imperio Español y sus colonias ( o provincias ) fueron perdidas por un afán de revanchismo por la ayuda francesa y española a la independencia de Estados Unidos de Norteamérica. Y los españoles y los franceses perdieron muchos dominios en todo el Mundo, es donde La Masonería hace ya acto de presencia en el poder amigo de U. S. A. y que fue a mayor con la entrada de grandes contingentes de gente judía acomodada para facilitar a otras de su estirpe en suelo norteamericano. Y el resto ya sabemos como sigue con La Famosa Propaganda.

    Hoy en día, no sólo tenemos la amenaza exterior de otras culturas no democráticas en suelo occidental, además sufrimos de gentes en nuestros respectivos países occidentales con ideas insanas y anti-democráticas ; la mayoría de la veces relacionadas con la Izquierda o el Comunismo.

    Por eso los patriotas occidentales, de cada país, debemos estar unidos y hacer frente común contra los peligros comunes interiores y exteriores, porque al final nos afecta a todos.

    Saludos Diversity.

  6. The 4th of July celebrates a Judeo-Masonic revolution against a British white power structure

  7. David Duke works for Jews