Thursday, 21 April 2016

On Saturday, there was an incident at Fight Night, a Mixed Martial Arts event in Montreux. At the end of the fourth of nine scheduled fights, the French fighter of Chechen origin Magomed Guekhaiev shouted "Allah Akbar" several times, provoking much booing among the 1200 spectators. He then took the microphone from the hands of the presenter. "After having thanked his trainer, he dedicated his victory to his brothers in Toulouse and in the world, to Salah and Mohamed," recalls Julien, a spectator. I am convinced that this was a reference to the terrorists Salah Abdeslam and Mohamed Merah."


  1. " I am convinced that this was a reference to the terrorists Salah Abdeslam and Mohamed Merah." Salah is a person important to islam almost as Mohamed

  2. You conveniently missed half the article : «Dans le contexte actuel, ce n’était pas la meilleure des idées, reconnaît l’ex-président du FC Lausanne-Sport. Mais cela signifie «Dieu est le plus grand». Un combattant brésilien avait «Jésus» inscrit sur son short et on n’en a pas fait tout un plat. Quant aux autres propos, si un énergumène tatoué de croix gammées confond «Salam aleykoum» (ndlr: «Que la paix soit sur vous») avec les prénoms des deux terroristes en question, on ne peut rien y faire.»

    La vidéo de l’événement montre en effet que le Franco-Tchétchène ne fait que remercier son équipe et son entourage. Translation : "In the current context, it was not the best of ideas, acknowledges the former president of FC Lausanne-Sport. But this means "God is greatest". A Brazilian fighter had "Jesus" on their shorts and has not made a big deal. As for the other way, if a rowdy tattooed swastikas confuses "Salam alaikum" (note: "Peace be upon you") with the names of two terrorists in question, we can not do anything. "
    Video of the event shows that the Franco-Chechen only thank his team and his entourage.

  3. Yes, I left out the lame and unconvincing apologetics. Video of the event shows him Allahu akbaring several times and bending down in a Muslim prayer position.