Monday, 25 April 2016

The brownies in the café Fett und Zucker [Fat and Sugar] in Hollandstraße in Vienna's Leopoldstadt are really outstanding. But FPÖ voters will now be denied this pleasure.
After the notable electoral success of the blue federal presidential candidate Norbert Hofer in Vienna – he got 36.40% across Austria and 27.67% of the votes across Vienna - the owner of the café, Eva Trimmel (41), is giving vent to her anger. "If you are part of this 35%, PLEASE just keep moving," she wrote on a placard and placed it in front of her coffee house. Suffix: "#rightwingnotwelcome"

Our old friend Moshe Kantor is not happy either:
Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, described the Freedom party’s rise as “deeply troubling”. “That a country at the heart of Europe can show such support to the far right barely 70 years on from the Holocaust shows that our collective memories are failing,” he said.


  1. Nobody needs Fett und Zucker (Fat and Sugar) anymore. Nor genocidal, enslaving Socialism. 'Move on' is now the mantra of those who intend to ditch the disastrous, stomach-churning recipes of the failed european 'elites.'

    1. I can't wrap my head around why anyone would ever think these cowardly filthy invaders would make a good addition to society.

      The elites are so far removed from reality. Our so-called leaders are privileged pussies that try to one-up each other in the category of 'I am enlightened and sooo progressive--look at me posing with refugees.

      I cannot wait to see the strong rise up and take the lead and give our so-called leaders the deaths traitors deserve. If they don't correct their ways, the world will correct them for them.

      The attacks in Paris must have traumatically impacted 1,000 families. The laws of mathematics will eventually guarantee 1 of the impacted 1,000 will be the next Hitler, and the 999 others will support them.

      I don't advocate violence or genocide, but the current policies guarantee an uncontrollable storm.

      -Angry Yank

  2. En realidad lo que ocurre, al igual que expresa Moshe Kantor, quizás, sea que el afán de protagonismo de la defensa de Occidente ha sido usurpada por los políticos patriotas occidentales, y eso es muy mal visto, e inesperado, por los planes de La Masonería Internacional y el Plan K.

    Aunque parezca algo en forma de anécdota, el titular de la información deja claro, parece ser, que los occidentales somos los únicos que debemos de aceptar las derrotas, siempre, y el buen ¨ fairplay ¨.

    Gracias Diversity, noticias muy interesantes, como siempre, aunque muchas veces ni aparezcan como eco ; en la Mass Media.

  3. Austria and Hungary are keeping my faith in mankind...that dispicable, traitorous little dyke boy-girl in the picture should be forced to live in downtown Raqqa for two weeks. There she'll enjoy getting raped by little faggot muslim cowards, and if she's lucky, she won't get beheaded. She can then return to Vienna and join the right and fight for her country.

    Hungaray: it's leader said "we will not import people we don't want to live with. We'll have larger families." Gof bless that man. Europeans all over the globe, even well off people in the mid middle class can barely afford 2 kids. 1/3 of out income is taxed and 50-75 percent of that money is given to brown invaders our leaders beg to not rape or blow up and murder....

    Fuck them. Fuck them all. Europeans: if you don't want death camps in your countries in 2030, change your thinking in 2016. We can't have the 3rd world here. Soon enough, every 3rd-world supporter will be impacted by the Browns they love....

    The little boy-dyke in the picture will be manning the oven or machine gun after her girlfriend gets fucked by 50 raping Syrians

  4. Tremendous victory Austria!

    Eva Trimmel is obviously mentally ill.

    No right thinking person would touch her pastries even if they were free.

    These useless liberal trend shops come and go all the time.

    Much prefer a real political right with some salty racial realist policy.