Friday, 29 April 2016

According to an Ifop poll for Le Figaro shows that distrust of Islam is establishing itself on both sides of the Rhine. A feeling that is growing strongly in the electorate of the Left. 
Distrust of the place of Islam in France, until now perceived as the preserve of the far right and part of the right, or more recently as a "reactionary" marker in the cultural debate is now widely and deeply shared ... on the Left. This is the main finding of the Figaro-Ifop poll that has just been carried out between 14 and 18 of April 2016. Thus, in 2010, 39% of voters for the Socialist party thought that the place of Islam was "too large". It is now 52%. 
After the violent and dramatic year 2015, this poll confirms a general rejection of this religion in France. But this wave comes from a long way off because it had already appeared in the previous polls from the same institute which go back to 1989. That year, 33% of French people were "in favour" of building mosques. It is 13% today. Similarly, 31% were opposed to wearing the veil in general. In 2016 it is 63%. 
Less potent in Germany, this phenomenon of rejection is however also marked in a country traumatised by the events of 31 December in Cologne.


  1. The left - wrong until they are right, even if it can take them an eternity to get there.