Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The restaurant is opposite a discotheque. When the brownskins came out of it, they demanded food. The owner, who was just doing the cleaning, refused because he had no food prepared. Their response can be seen in the video.

A man was injured on Monday morning, in the area of Santos, in Lisbon, during a brawl that ended with a firearm shooting. Six people, aged between 22 and 30 years, were identified by the police and assisted in hospitals of St. Joseph and Garcia da Orta.

I had actually thought that Portugal was one of the best-preserved places in Europe; there were hardly any brownskins there. In fact, some Portuguese nationalists have actually said that on this blog. So what has happened?


  1. Si no hubiera sido por el idioma y la referencia del artículo, pensaría que los vídeos del crimen era de Sudáfrica o similar sitios.

    Lo que no entiendo es por qué la policía ha tardado tanto en llegar al lugar. Rectifico, sí lo entiendo.