Saturday, 9 April 2016

There was an interview in Die Welt recently with the Polish/Jewish director Agnieszka Holland (her father was a Jew, her mother a Pole). It centred on a protest letter a number of Polish directors had sent to the Polish government recently, complaining about a critical introduction to the film Ida before it was shown on Polish television. The film is about a Jewish girl who grew up in a Catholic convent because her parents had been murdered by a Pole in the Second World War. Polish nationalists have complained about it.
The Polish Anti-Defamation League, Reduta Dobrego Imienia, has accused the film of failing to acknowledge the German occupation of Poland, calling it “anti-Polish” and saying audiences “especially unfamiliar with the history of Europe” may leave the film believing “the Holocaust was caused by the Poles.”

I find it fascinating in that the Poles are essentially mimicking the strategy that the Jews have successfully employed to defame them and other Europeans. The Jews find this deeply disconcerting. Even the name of the organisation cited, the Polish Anti-Defamation League, clearly derives from one of the main Jewish activist organisations in America, the Anti-Defamation League. As another illustration, the Polish government recently announced plans for a law criminalising use of the phrase "Polish death camps".
Poland is drawing up new regulations to punish use of the phrase “Polish death camps” in reference to wartime Nazi concentration camps on Polish soil, the justice minister, Zbigniew Ziobro, has said. 
Poland has long sought to eliminate the misleading phrase from historical and newspaper accounts since it suggests the country, which was occupied by Nazi Germany during the second world war, was responsible for concentration camps on its territory.

This criminalisation of speech is exactly the kind of thing the Jews typically get up to. But more. The Poles are now looking to have Hollywood films made that will portray them sympathetically and extol Polish virtue.

Holland: Many Poles think that the Holocaust attracted great attention in the world, especially in the USA, thanks to American cinema. And that people know too little about the suffering and heroism of the Poles. And so we have the idea of the Polish Culture Minister Piotr Glinski to have some major Hollywood films made to show the suffering and heroism of the Poles.

Elsewhere in the interview, Holland explains how the Polish government is trying to reshape public perceptions.
The new Polish government is trying not only to change the political system by dismantling liberal democracy and the balance of powers and loosening the connection to the EU. It also has ambitions to remould the minds of Poles. 
It wants to awaken in them the conviction that their people is the best and most important - and all the sins of the Poles of the past are only slander and lies. To fulfil this plan, all public sector media are being used …
Holland laments the rise of nationalism in Poland and Europe.
Holland: The atmosphere is darker. People suddenly see that civic freedom, democracy and a feeling of security are in the past, even though it seemed we had these achievements for ever. We have lost all of that - at our our wish. But not only in Poland, in all of Europe nationalism is strengthening. Especially in the young generation. It has become a binding agent again, it offers a community. That is extremely dangerous. 
Die Welt: How do you think it will end? 
Holland: People — especially the young — are getting bored and want something to happen. They only know war from video games. The prevailing mood is like before the First World War: le grand ennui, the Great Boredom. Some event will occur, and it will all go up like a powder keg.
It remains to be seen whether the Jewish strategy will work for non-Jews. I've been saying for a while that Europeans should push back against anti-Europeanism in the same way that Jews push back against antisemitism, rather than simply internalise and accept the guilt complexes the Jews seek to foist upon us. It seems the Poles are now trying, at least partially, to do that.


  1. You do not show any consistency in this commentary. So many video clips every week of the damage done by foreign elements being introduced in huge numbers by the EU policymakers without the consent of the people who have to live with the invaders in their neighbourhoods. Yet a country like Poland, which has a government elected by the majority of the population, precisely to reverse the flow of destruction wrought through national institutions by marxists in the new cultural revolution, is now being criticized for trying to reverse the damage to some extent. You even seem to have gender identification problems about Agnieszka Holland ("his father was....)
    Call patriotism "Nationalism" and say how dark it all is with the reduced freedoms to push the revolutionary agendas, to damn the Poles. Why should people be free to talk about "Polish death camps" when this is a slander against a nation that suffered more than you know from Hollywood films? Do you campaign for a repeal of German laws criminalising Holocaust denial in the name of freedom of speech? Are you content with Turkey's total denial of any killing of the Armenians and other Christians during the First World War?
    The only way families and individuals will survive is by reasserting their nationhood, their culture, language and political freedom from regulation by unelected dictators formed in the Frankfurt School to introduce a total revolution in the once free world, where democracy and the rule of law were thought stable foundations, but are now shown to be sertiously undermined and on the brink of collapse.

    1. I really have no idea how you construe the article above to mean that I oppose the Polish government's action. On the contrary, I make it clear that they are doing what I have long been calling for Europeans to do.

      But the paranoid, belligerent over-sensitivity you display is also typical of Jews. Another curious parallel, assuming you are a Pole. Maybe there was more gene-sharing than is usually suspected during those long centuries of co-existence.

      The only point I disagree with is criminalising free speech, something fundamentally sinister and the root of many of our current woes.

      But thanks for pointing out my gender identification problems, now corrected.

    2. The thing about immigrants is they don't want to live in Poland. They prefer to go to Germany, France or Great Britain.

      Law and Justice party had their government also in 2006-2007 and they arrested a lot of Polish Blood & Honour members.

      and in 2015 about Andrzej Duda government:

      (...)"She added the suspects were being held on suspicion of “offences of promoting a totalitarian system of government, public incitement to hatred on national, ethnic and racial grounds, storage… with intention to distribute, prints, recordings and other items with content aimed at promoting totalitarianism and incitement to hatred."(...)

      Also Lech Kaczynski KALKSTEIN sponored jewish museum, so I don't think we can trust them. Probably you don't know, but our new president Andrzej Duda has wife with jewish ancestry. He also had 'happy hanukkah' with jews.

  2. Why should anyone believe the official Hollywood and other movie versions of the holocaust? They are made by Jews who are pushing an agenda. There has not been one single movie from Hollywood about the holodomor even though this man made famine claimed millions of lives. The holocaust has been debunked anyway -

  3. Law and Justice" for polish, is filosemitic party. Even their name is taken from "Holy Bible". I think that most of PiS main members are genetically jews. They love to celebrate Hanukkah and protects jews in every way they could

    Poland's new conservative government will stick to its predecessor's commitment to take in about 7,000 migrants despite the objections it raised when it was in opposition, Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said.