Saturday, 23 April 2016

Obama is giving a speech and holding a supposed "town hall" meeting in London right now. Here is an image from the live feed. Look at the audience behind him. How many look British or even European? Of the 21 people visible in the picture, only 3 look as if they even European, never mind British.

UPDATE: It turned into a hilarious multicultural freakshow. Here, a fat Paki woman "comes out" to Obama as a "non-binary", whatever that means.



  1. He once referred to himself as a "mongrel" which shows you how bigoted he really is if you were to accept the crazed notion that acknowledging racial reality is "racist." His reasoning for saying so was his racial mixture although he didn't define it correctly: he's not Negroid: his maternal line is Caucasian and his paternal line is predominantly Asian-African, not Negroid-African; the Negro bit was pushed by lying media to nudge naive Americans to preen themselves over their 'liberalism' and absolve themselves of imagined 'guilt' by voting for someone from a supposed persecuted minority into power over the Caucasians who built the country and provided its ideals, laws and morals. Worked a charm, didn't it?

  2. Mosaic ad Nauseam.

  3. Monkey talking to monkeys. They could only pay or find 3 disillusioned, stupid Britons to wore themselves out.

    In America, we tolerate our groids because they pretty much are content yo killing each other and living in projects. The 5 percent smart enough to live and work among humans run away from blacks faster than whites.

    Leave the EU Britain, please!

  4. Muslims are not good enough yo live with Europeans, but they blow us up when we give them a chance.

    Do they have any clue what is coming their way when we decide they are to violent and stupid to tolerate anymore? The European put 6 million jews in an oven and virtually exterminated them from North America. Both instances happened when the Europeans' kindness and generosity were worn out.

    Paris, Brussells, 9/11 are nothing compared to what's coming for them.

    You dogs will die!!!

    1. By North America, I am referring to Indians... you know, they are on some coins and talked about at Thanksgiving... they kept trying to spit in the white man's generous face. We fucking exterminated

    2. To Anonymous @ 03:50 and 03:52 - Your remarks are erroneous and also, suspiciously, aimed to give the impression that the overall readers approve of your genocidal and untrue remarks. Neither the received 'mantra' over Jews in WWII or what are absurdly referred to as 'native Americans' are grounded in facts. The American Indians number in their millions, are well subsidised by the American Taxpayer, own billion-dollars generating casinos on their 'reservations' (which are tax-exempt!), and are the recipients of numerous 'affirmative action' initiatives. In earlier centuries, before arrival of Whites, "indians" were nomads who did not "own" land (and there was not yet any USA), and they committed cannibalism, slavery and genuine genocidal attacks on one another's tribes. Hardly a persecuted minority nor were they ever 'exterminated'.

    3. They get to run a few shitty casinos ON RESERVATIONS DUMMY. Those posts weren't advocating genocide. Those posts were recounting historicaly what happens when the European is pushed by other races. The European tries to help and share, the mud people take advantage.

      Muslims and others outright advocate genocide. The European doesn't advocate let alone discuss it, but they're the only ones who've successfully done it in the past 500 some-odd years.

      Haha--Indians in the millions and we'll funded... they're drunken bums. The casino owners are 90 percent jew 10 percent Indian.

  5. "indians" weren't 'native' to North America: they were invaders over the Bering Straits from Asia (their features are mainly asiatic/mongolian) and latest discoveries seem to indicate that they were the ones who genocided earlier peoples who were racially different. No people come out smelling of roses where real history is concerned (and admitted to).