Sunday, 3 April 2016

The media never miss a chance to attack European patriots, those who think Islam may not entirely be a religion of peace, or that the immigration of brown-skinned people to Europe may not have been wholly enriching and beneficial. So it was with great glee that they leaped upon the incident shown above in which a sinister "far-right extremist" launches an unprovoked attack on an innocent Muslim woman in Molenbeek.

In reality, it was someone from the local area, so almost certainly a Muslim, given that the area is almost completely colonised.

The driver of the white Audi who knocked over a woman in Brunfaut street this Saturday has been arrested, a resident of the district

These media lies could literally have got people killed. There have been Muslims saying "We're going to kill the Nazis" in revenge for this "attack".

Tensions in Molenbeek: kids are shouting "We are going to kill the Nazis"

"The jeunes [young people] were encouraged to attack the police by adults of around 40. They told them in Arabic: you see, this isn't your home; today, they come in your streets, tomorrow they will come into your houses. Keep on going like sheep, etc., etc."

Over the last few weeks along, I can think of at least three incidents, two in Britain plus this one in Belgium, in which Muslims have been attacked or killed in high-profile incidents. In each case, the media has insinuated that the attack may have been "Islamophobic" in nature. In each case, there have been "appeals for calm" as if it was expected that Muslims would go on the rampage, killing and destroying in response to this vile "Islamophobic" assault. In each case, the perpetrator has turned out to be another Muslim. UPDATE: The name of this "far-right extremist"? MOHAMED. Belgian media has released the names of the two men in the car: Redouane D. and Mohamed B.


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