Saturday, 30 April 2016

Antifa shout "Refugees stay, drive the Nazis out!" outside AfD conference
The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) [Alternative for Germany] is a party of high earners. 33.9% of all AfD sympathisers belong to the wealthiest fifth of the population; fewer than 10% of AfD members are concerned about their own economic situation. This emerges from a study of the Instituts der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln (IW Köln) [Cologne German Business Institute], which "Welt am Sonntag" has available. 
The study refutes widespread cliches about the AfD, which is holding its party conference this weekend in Stuttgart, where it wants to give itself a basic party programme. According to the study, AfD members are neither poor nor uneducated. Only the FDP [small business-oriented party] has significantly more top-earning members than the AfD. 
... Thus the voter base of the AfD differs fundamentally from the voters of the NPD. Only 4% of members of the far-right party are among the wealthiest part of the population, while 31% belong to the poorest fifth of the population. In the AfD just half as many, 15%, come from the lowest income class. The level of education of AfD member is also also correspondingly higher. 
"The well-off AfD and the poor NPD sympathisers are thus united in their rejecting attitude towards immigration," says the study. 
... The study also shows that, across all voters, there is only a very weak connection between concerns about immigration and net household income. Among the 60% with average income the concerns about immigration are almost evenly distributed, only in the poorest fifth are they slightly higher, in the richest fifth slightly smaller than in the average of the population. This shows: fear of immigration is not a question of income.


  1. I will add another statistic. 66 percent of voters - men. 34 percent - women.

  2. Who are these so-called leftists for whom being poor should be a barrier to political participation? The left are laughable, damaged hypocrites, and the fact that humans have (ostensibly) rendered evolution obsolete is the saving grace of their meaningless, self-congratulatory political creed.