Friday, 15 April 2016

I wrote before about the jihad-connected Sadiq Khan's courtship of the Jewish vote in London (link). It seems this courtship has been reciprocated.

Recently, the Jew Michael Foster wrote an article in the Daily Mail in which he declared that he and all other Jews who had previously given money to the Labour party were now declining to do so thanks to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's supposed indulgence of antisemitism, even though that is largely a media myth the Jews have successfully fabricated.

In addition to revealing the interesting fact that one third of Labour donations in the previous year had come from Jews, Foster claimed that the Labour's Jew money was now going instead to Sadiq Khan, the mayoral candidate whose friend ran a website recruiting jihadis to go and fight Russians in Chechnya and British troops in Afghanistan. Khan declared in parliament that he believed his friend was innocent of the charges pending against him; later, he pled guilty.
As late as 1997, 70 per cent of the British Jewish community, voted for the Labour Party. Today it would be less than 25 per cent and that is because the Jewish community cannot support a political party that, at its top levels, appears by its inaction to tolerate anti-Semitic speech and behaviour, from Labour students at Oxford to deputy party chairs in Woking who make crude anti-Semitic remarks. 
Before anyone tries to claim that Piers Corbyn, Jeremy’s brother, is no racist by the way, just read his tweet – ‘Zionists can’t cope with anyone supporting rights for Palestine’ – and try replacing the words ‘Zionists’ and ‘Palestine’ with ‘Blacks’ and ‘White South Africa’. 
I and many other Jews who support Labour, have this year donated directly to Sadiq Khan’s campaign for London Mayor, to individual Labour councils fighting in the May elections, to local constituency Labour parties, but nothing to those who presently control the party. We would be foolish to donate to a cause whose leaders view us with contempt.

Today, Jonathan Freedland has a comment piece in the Jew Chronicle endorsing Khan, titled "Let a Muslim run London".
At last week's JW3 hustings, Khan said he wore "a badge of shame" over the issue, that antisemitism in Labour made him "embarrassed and sorrowful." He suggested Labour's ruling national executive submit to training to better understand anti-Jewish racism and once again criticised the party leadership for not taking a "tougher stance." 
... Most impressively, he has drawn on his own life experience as a Muslim to empathise with London's Jews, stressing that he will support security at Jewish schools and synagogues as well as protecting, in his words, "religious freedom regarding shechita and brit milah." As one Jewish community bigwig put it to me: "He speaks our language." 
This surely is the prize here, bigger than the satisfaction to be gained by poking Corbyn in the eye: the chance for the world's greatest city to be led by a Muslim mayor who has, for example, made a point of breaking his Ramadan fast in a series of synagogues. What a message that could send, to Britain and the wider world. I hope that Jewish Londoners, whatever doubts they harbour over the party leadership, give Sadiq Khan a chance. He's earned it.


  1. Since Islam IS derived from Talmudic Judaism, and since at least 90% of Sharia Law is also derived from Talmudic Law, we, the largely Christian peoples of the West, should sensibly and realistically regard Jews and Moslems as of the same ideology at its roots and that any hostility between them is basically a fraternal squabble over war booty (that booty being slaves (debt slaves or literally work slaves), wealth and land). When this fact finally is understood, we will be in a tactically decisive position to reshape our countries and our Western civilisation (with no sop to the "judeo-Christian" mantra so beloved of the 'counterjihad' lot).

  2. They must be insane.