Monday, 11 April 2016

Historic: the number of foreign workers in Japan will exceed the bar of one million this year, the government has calculated. Since 2009 this population has grown by 49%. Exponential growth, visible above all in Tokyo, where 30% of the foreign labour is concentrated: you only have to open the doors of a konbini, one of the local grocers that dot the country, to typically find Chinese people in front of the tills. Is this a sign of a new tolerance towards immigration in Japan? Not yet. In all respects, the archipelago remains extraordinarily strict and circumspect on the question. The prime minister never misses a chance to recall that the third-largest economy in the world does not have an immigration policy, to the great satisfaction of public opinion and Japanese trade unions, who have never been lulled to sleep by the "Internationale" when foreign workers were discussed. Even if the number of foreigners is increasing, it's at the same level as in 2008, before the terrible Lehman shock and the Fukushima catastrophe, which caused many people to return to their countries. 
The criteria for obtaining professional visas remain very strict. 
"The problem of accepting foreigners is that there is a risk they will acquire Japanese nationality. We don't want to find ourselves in the situation fo France," bluntly declares Akira Morita, director general of the National Population Institute IPSS.


  1. I call western countries "abnormal countries", and the rest of the world, including Japan, (and Istael) "normal countries".
    Westerners are totally brainwashed. How the jews managed to do it, i don't know. Mcdonald says its pathological altruism. I believe that lots of female influence is also part of it, as females are less xenophobic than males, according to numerous studies.

    Note that there is no Feminism in countries like China, South Korea, or Japan, (or in Eastern Europe) which makes them more xenophobic cultures. While jews support feminism in the West, jewish women are turned into nationalist baby making machines in Israel, who are not even allowed to marry a non-jew.

  2. Yes--women have no business in politics or leadership. European women are really the only ones in America that have anything to do with nogs and other undesirable mud people.

    Dumb, disenfranchised, usually unattractive white women get involved with blacks. White men basically keep their distance as the nog has nothing to offer.

    Pretty soon, European men will tire of getting our buildings blown up and our taxes wasted. We'll come to the conclusion sports and music are better without them. At that point, we'll lay waste to the ghetto ruthlessly

    1. Yes, it is about time to say that there is a women problem in the West. And that they are a major force behind the current problems with mass immigration, islamization, multiculturalism, and the decline of the West. Together with jews and multinational corporations, who are also pushing for open borders.

      Majority of voters for the Democrat party in the US: women.
      British Labor party: majority of voters: women.
      Hillary Clinton: majority of voters: women.
      Single women in the US: 70 percent voted for Barack Obama.

      Donald Trump: mostly supported by men. Few women say they will vote for Trump. Matched up against Clinton in a hypothetical general election matchup, 60% of women voters say they would back Hillary Clinton, 33% Trump.

      UKIP (british anti-immigration party) voters: 60 percent men, only 40 percent women.
      SD (Swedish Democrats) anti-immigration party: 64 percent men, only 36 percent women.
      AFD (German anti-immigration party) 63 percent men, only 37 percent women.
      Converts to Islam in the US and the UK: 75 percent - women. Only 25 percent - men. Majority of whites who marry blacks: white women.

      Have a look at any anti-immigration protest in Europe and you will see only 15-20 percent female protesters. Sometimes no more that 10 percent of the protesters.
      On pro-immigration/pro refugee rallies though, you will see 50-60 percent women.
      Sweden, which is the most feminist country on the planet, is number one in Europe in taken muslim refugees per capita. It beats even Germany. In Sweden, the more feminist the party, the more it wants to import muslim/african refugees.

      Not to mention that there is not a single country where white women have positive birth rate, with the exception of Argentine, where it is at replacement rate. With current birth rates, whites in the US for example are projected to disappear in 200 years.

      So maybe it wont be popular, and it will not grant you a date, but we should call a spade a spade:

      White women's behavior is a major force behind the decline and eventual destruction of the West.

    2. There was an interesting article in Die Welt a few days ago about the disproportionate role women seem to be playing in the leadership of Europe's anti-immigration parties. Maybe I'll translate some of it when I have time.

    3. Women leaders are no more than 20 percent of all european anti-immigration parties leaders. I think that this percentage is even lower than that of their female voters (30-40 percent), so i can not call them overrepresented.

    4. Actually i was wrong, it was worse: only ten percent of Europe's anti-immigration parties leaders are women.

      Leaders of European anti-immigration parties:
      France - Front National: Marine Le Pen - woman
      Germany - AFD: Frauke Petry and Jörg Meuthen joint leadership - woman and man
      Norway - Progress Party Siv Jensen - woman
      Germany - NDP: Frank Franz - man
      Netherlands - Party of Freedom: Geert Wilders - man
      Britain - UKIP: Nigel Farage - man
      Britain - BNP: Adam Walker - man
      Sweden - SD: Jimmie Åkesson - man
      Denmark - Danish Peoples Party: Kristian Dahl - man
      Finland - Finns Party: Timo Soini - man
      Italy - Lega Nord: Umberto Bossi - man
      Belgium - Vlaams Belang: Tom Van Grieken - man
      Austria - Freedom Party: Heinz-Christian Strache - man
      Switzerland - Swiss People's Party: Toni Brunner - man
      Portugal - National Renovator Party: José Pinto Coelho - man
      Poland - Law and Justice: Jarosław Kaczyński - man
      Hungary - Jobbik: Gábor Vona - man
      Hungary - Fidesz: Viktor Orbán - man
      Greece - Golden Dawn: Nikolaos Michaloliakos - man
      Bulgaria - Attack: Volen Siderov - man
      Cyprus - ELAM: Christos Christou - man
      Slovakia - Slovak National Party: Andrej Danko - man
      Slovenia - Slovenian National Party: Zmago Plemeniti - man
      Romania - Greater Romania Party: Emil Străinu - man
      Estonia - Conservative People's Party: Mart Helme - man
      Lithuania - Order and Justice: Rolandas Paksas - man
      Latvia - National Alliance: Gaidis Bērziņš - man
      Czech Republic - Dawn: Miroslav Lidinský - man
      Luxembourg - ADR: Jean Schoos - man

      Which confirms my thesis: there is a white woman problem in Europe and the West. Numerous studies show that women are less xenophobic and more foreign friendly compared to men, hence lots of female influence will result in more open borders and more refugee friendly behavior.