Friday, 8 April 2016

Two news items this week illustrate how rapidly Europe is being Islamised. In France, we have had prostitution made illegal for the first time.


This was driven by the Muslim minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. The law also provides for prostitutes to be given legal immigration status when they are foreigners, which most of them are.

In Germany, there has been a truly frightening sign of Orientalisation. I posted before (link) about how the Turkish government had complained about a satirical skit on German TV. This seemed like a joke at the time. But the person who created it, Jan Böhmermann, is now being investigated by the prosecuting authorities in Mainz.
As the director of the prosecuting authority, Andrea Keller, confirmed on request, an investigation procedure has been initiated examining charges of insulting the institutions or representatives of foreign states. Paragraph 103 of the criminal code provides for penalties of up to three years in the case of a conviction.

He was due to receive an award at a ceremony tonight, but his appearance has now been cancelled. "I feel shaken in everything I have ever believed in," he said.


Böhmermann tried to contact the Chancellor's office for help and support but got no response. Instead, reports Der Spiegel, Merkel has been in contact with the Turkish prime minister about this video!
According to the report the Foreign Office on Sunday, shortly before a long, scheduled telephone conversation between Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Turkish president Ahmet Davutoglu, briefly examined whether Böhmermann's satire could fulfil the criteria for a criminal act as per Paragraph 103. However the Foreign Office stressed on Wednesday that it was "neither a prosecuting authority nor a court". 
Shortly afterwards Merkel spoke on the telephone with her Turkish colleague. According to her spokesman, both agreed that the sketch, as a kind of mocking poem, was "intentionally injurious" and therefore was deleted from the Online Mediathek by ZDF [state-owned broadcasting company] shortly after the broadcast.



  1. I'm not sure that the new prostitution law was caused by Islamisation, it is feminists who push for such laws. It does not look like the female minister who supported this is a believing muslim, as she does not wear a hijab. Prostitution is bad for engaged women, because it lowers their influence over their men. So they are the demographic (in the West), who pushes for such laws. Sweden, the most feminist country in the world, was the first country to implement something like this. Notice that in France and Sweden it is the men (clients) who get punished, not the women.

    In Islam, you will not see situations where men get punished, but women are not touched, for the same "crime". It is the other way around.

    1. Well, it's the usual overlap between the Left and Islam. She's clearly been influenced by Islamic mores in the same way that modern European atheists are still influenced by European mores.

    2. I don't think that she's influenced by islamic mores. In Islam, it will be the women who will get punished, not the men. Or men will get lighter punishment, compared to women.

      She supports gay marriage, wears short skirts, wants "Homophobic hate speech" to be banned, and is against "discrimination committed for reasons of sexual orientation or gender identity". Those things are against Islam.

      This is no muslim, whether a cultural muslim, or a crypto muslim. This is pure liberal, of the non-white variety.

    3. She has said: "I am a believer, a Muslim by heritage of some sort, it's a history of culture, traditions, roots."

  2. Well, i think that there is mess in her head, since you can not be a feminist and a muslim at the same time, or gay and muslim at the same time.

    I don't believe that you can become a minister for women in a Socialist government, unless you are a feminist. Her behavior is not that of a muslim, she is against discrimination based on gender or sexual identity, which is totally against Islam. Wants to ban all types of "hate speech", including homophobic, anti-jewish, and misogynist speech. Sounds like typical liberal follower to me.

    Personally i can not call feminists or gays "muslims", even if their parents were muslim. I don't believe that she wants to have more mosques being built in France, for example. She wants more non-whites, but not more Islam. Imo.

  3. "an outspoken proponent of gender equality,"

    "committed to the equality of boys and girls more than anything else."

    "Vallaud-Belkacem, who was minister for women's rights, youth and sport before becoming the first woman to take charge of the education portfolio, became a hate figure for the right when she backed an experimental reform introduced into 275 primary schools last year aimed at overcoming gender stereotyping. The minister was dubbed "Khmer Rose" by the rightwing Le Figaro, and was accused of importing the controversial gender theory from the US."

    This is what she is pushing as an education minister.
    "Symbolic of the sense of collective hysteria was the row last week over so-called gender theory, which protesters claimed was being taught at schools. Individuals with right-wing links were accused of spreading unfounded rumours that the government's ABCD of Equality programme, aimed at ending sexual stereotyping in schools, involved "masturbation classes". As a result, parents at 100 schools pulled their children from classes, convinced the government was meddling with their identity and sexual orientation."

  4. Well, my gut feeling was right. It was feminists behind that particular law. It was very clear to me that since it is men who are punished for being clients, and not the prostitutes, then this law can not be the work of muslims. Muslims will seek to punish the women, and not the men.

    "Socialist lawmaker Maud Olivier, a feminist who added significantly to the adoption of the bill"

    "Sweden became the first country in the world to announce in 1999 that it would punish people for buying sex rather than selling it, in a move to avoid criminalizing the victims of sex trafficking. Norway, Iceland and Northern Ireland have also adopted this model and the European parliament has approved a resolution calling for the law to be adopted throughout the continent."