Sunday, 24 April 2016

While Angela Merkel is visiting Turkey, a debate about DITIB is breaking out in Germany - the Turkish-Islamic association of the Institute for Religion e.V. controls around 900 mosques in Germany. In response to an inquiry from the "Welt am Sonntag", DITIB said it had currently sent around 978 imams to Germany, who normally remain here for five years each. 
The Authority for Religious Matters at the Turkish President's office in Ankara, which also controls DITIB, has around 6.4 billion lira (around 1.8 billion euros) in this budget year. With this it builds and maintains mosques and currently has 120,000 employees. In 2004 it was 72,000, already 83,000 by 2008. Since 2008 its budget items in euros have almost doubled, in Lira even tripled. 
... German politicians are increasingly critical of this practice of sending imams to Germany from Turkey, where they have been trained and who often do not speak German. The Green Party leader Cem Özdemir told the "Welt am Sonntag" that although in there were "many committed community members" in DITIB mosques and often "great work" is done, the association itself "is nothing less than the extended arm of the Turkish state. Instead of becoming a real religious community, the Turkish government was making DITIB into a campaigning organisation for the AKP [the ruling political party in Turkey] in Germany," warns Özdemir and demands: "Turkey must finally let Muslims go." 
The mayor of Berlin-Neukölln, Franziska Giffey (SPD), told the "Welt am Sonntag" that she is critical "when mosque associations are controlled from abroad and imams preach there that have been educated according to German values and did not grow up here." Imams had "a exemplary function" and had "great influence on young people in particular." DITIB is "controlled from Turkey and conveys the Turkish understanding of politics - not that of our country."


  1. This is an old problem in Germany. Martin Luther even commented on the Cucks in his day.

    Certain persons have been begging me for the past five years to write about war against the Turks, and encourage our people and stir them up to it, and now that the Turk is actually approaching, my friends are compelling me to do this duty, especially since there are some stupid preachers among us Germans (as I am sorry to hear) who are making the people believe that we ought not and must not fight against the Turks. Some are even so crazy as to say that it is not proper for Christians to bear the temporal sword or to be rulers;

    also because our German people are such a wild and uncivilized folk that there are some who want the Turk to come and rule.

    All the blame for this wicked error among the people is laid on Luther and must be called “the fruit of my Gospel,” just as I must bear the blame for the rebellion, and for everything bad that happens anywhere in the world.

  2. Esto es un problema de todo Occidente, no es exclusivo de un determinado país occidental.

    Los patriotas occidentales tenemos que estar unidos en ésta cruzada mundial contra los anti-demócratas y anti-occidentales. De esa manera la gente será libre y podrá vivir tranquila de verdad de forma general, como antiguamente.

    Nuestra mejor defensa son los términos : democracia y el sentido común, además de la Historia documentada. Y, esta batalla la vamos a ganar. Si no la ganásemos por cualquier motivo inesperado no quedará nada en la faz de la Tierra, y eso no conviene a nadie, por lógica y sentido humano.

    La palabra democracia occidental es odiada por el Islam y sus amigos comunistas, entre otros más. Incluso los liberales se llenan la boca de democracia y después no respetan a la democracia occidental.

    Puro sentido común.

    Gracias Diversity, por todas las noticias compartidas. Gran trabajo.