Sunday, 24 April 2016

"If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine"
- Adolf Hitler, secret letter to Joseph Stalin, April 1945
It's a sign of how totalitarian the societies we live in are that people have to perform hack attacks just to get a bit of free speech.
Printers at several universities across Germany produced anti-Semitic leaflets on or before Hitler’s birthday this week, after hackers appeared to break into their computer systems, according to university officials. 
Universities in Hamburg, Lüneburg and Tübingen confirmed that printers connected to their computer networks had suddenly started churning out the leaflets, most of them on Wednesday, the anniversary of Hitler’s birth in Braunau, Austria, in 1889. 
At least six other universities in Germany reported similar episodes, according to the German news agency DPA. The leaflet produced at the University of Hamburg carried the slogan “Europe, awake!” and alluded to the mass migration that brought more than one million people, many from the Middle East, to the Continent last year. “Europe is being flooded by enemy strangers,” it read, in part. 
Without naming Hitler, the leaflet referred to “the words of a former European führer” who blamed the Jews for bringing non-Europeans to the Rhineland. Christian Matheis, a spokesman for the University of Hamburg, and Karl G. Rijkhoek, a spokesman for the University of Tübingen, said their institutions had filed formal complaints with the police and the judicial authorities after learning that their computer networks appeared to have been breached. 
About 190 leaflets were printed on the Tübingen campus, Mr. Rijkhoek said, but fewer than 10 were printed at the University of Lüneburg, said a spokesman, Henning Zühlsdorff. 
In the United States, several colleges reported similar breaches in March, according to The Star-Ledger, a newspaper in New Jersey, which reported an episode at Princeton, and to The Washington Post, which said several universities across the country had been affected. The leaflet that was printed out in Hamburg included the Twitter hashtag #dailystormer, a term also used on a website referred to in the leaflets in the United States, Mr. Matheis said. The term is an allusion to a Nazi publication.
"Network printers and copiers spat out racist and antisemitic pamphlets as if controlled by the hand of a ghost [wie von Geisterhand]," said the spokesman for Tübingen University, Karl Rijkhoek, on Thursday.

Does anyone have a copy of the leaflets that were printed? I'd like to read it. None of the German press reports I've seen reproduce it. That would probably be a crime in Germany anyway.


  1. Considering that the Pentagon long ago had its computer system hacked into, the day is not long off when, perchance, we may read some hacked-into facts emanating from the White House, 10 Downing Street, EU HQ, NATO HQ etc?

    1. Or even from AIPAC, Licra and the British Board of Jewish Deputies?

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  3. It's not racist to refuse to have your own race exterminated. It's racist, however, to try to exterminate your race through mass non-white immigration, miscegenation propaganda and population replacement. And this is what the Jewish mafia who owns the EU is doing to white Europeans (They're also doing the same in all other white countries in the world (US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand):

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    "Europa awake!

    Since Europa is flooded with hostile aliens it's time to call into consciousness the words of a former European leader:

    JEWS had been and are the ones who bring the negro to the Rhine. Always with the same hidden agenda and clear goal: Destroying the white race that they hate with the inevitable coming of bastardization. To lower its cultural and political heights and to raise themselves above as their masters. Because a race-pure folk that is conscious of its blood can never be subjugated/enslaved by the Jew. (quote from "Mein Kampf")

    Since only white nations are flooded with hordes of hostile murderers and rapists every European has to ask himself: Is history repeating itself? Has all this been planned from the beginning? Has the destruction of the white race been pursued since before the time of the Weimar Republic?

    Am I going to fight for the survival and future of the White Race?

    It is time to decide if you want to live or die."


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    2. Evidence he was anti-racist or is mestizo?

      I was anti-racist and philosemitic myself not so long ago, so it wouldn't necessarily prove he isn't sincere now.

      The Endzog link you posted doesn't work, but I found a copy of it here.