Monday, 25 April 2016

"For two weeks Turkey has been exercising pressure on the EU Commission. This has increased successively day by day," said the manager and artistic director of the Dresden Symphonic Orchestra, Markus Rindt, to the "Welt". 
According to his information the concert programme has been subsidised by the Brussels Executive Agency for Education, Audio-Visual and Culture (EACEA). "Turkey's EU ambassador has demanded that the subsidy be discontinued and asked that the Executive Agency remove all details of our project from their website so that the word 'Genocide' disappears, the press learns nothing of it and, if possible, reports nothing of it." 
Otherwise, according to Rindt, the diplomat threatened the termination of Turkey's accession negotiations with the European Union. The general director refers to the EU employees involved in the procedure. "The EU has assured us it will stand by its subsidy," says Rindt. 
However according to the director, the EACEA agency removed the details from its website. The text is to be "revised and toned down" and the word "genocide" removed. "A genocide must be called a genocide," said Rindt, criticising this process. 
The EU Commission confirmed that would not call into question the 200,000 euros support - and also that it had removed the original text from the website; there are concerns about the wording that need to be taken into account, it was said. 
... The director demands that the federal government stands up for the Dresden Symphonic. "After the Böhmermann, the Turkish government is trying once again to exert an influence over the free expression of opinion in art and culture on European soil. We cannot permit that."


  1. There are, one suspects, two reasons for the demand to remove the word 'genocide': Turkish resentment of the truth being outed and, of course, what Jews probably regard as the copyright infringement of the term 'genocide'. The EU would-be genocidists and enslavers are keen to accommodate their new overlords (and not to miss out on any possible financial 'inducement' to salve Turkish feelings) so it will be interesting to see how long Germans choose to keep lying in the dust and taking such abuse of their freedoms.

  2. Opino igual que el usuario anterior, con su comentario, aunque es políticamente incorrecto : y, que, significa que tiene documentada su aportación, y es certera la opinión.

  3. People got right mad about the poem writer getting jailed, so I can only imagine the backlash at this getting shut down too.