Sunday, 24 April 2016

The President of the Central Council of Jews, Josef Schuster, considers the most recent statements about Islam by leading representatives of the AfD party and the passages from their draft party programme that have become public to be "completely unacceptable". 
In an opinion published in Berlin on Tuesday it says: "To claim that Islam is generally not compatible with the constitution is untrue, derogatory and discriminates against an entire religious community. I also protest against the statement of the AfD deputy leader von Storch that antisemitic attacks mainly have an Islamic background today." 
With her statement Ms. von Storch deliberately wants to cast general suspicion on millions of people for attacks carried out by radical groups or extremists in the name of their religion, continues Schuster. It is especially infamous that a party such as the AfD, which tolerates far-right thinking in its own ranks, now accuses other people of antisemitism, said the Central Council President. "Most antisemitic attacks in Germany are still carried out by right-wing extremists."

The relates to the AfD's anti-Islam programme, which I wrote about previously (link).


  1. Ese hombre no sabe ni lo que ha dicho, tal vez piense como un dictador anti-democrático.

    Tal vez se refiera al amigo Netanyahu, con sus fronteras blindadas, con sus muros de metros y metros, líneas militarizadas sin acoger a ningún refugiado.

    El Islam hay que prohibirlo en suelo occidental, ya lo han dicho los expertos en la temática, y los propios expertos musulmanes.

    Fracaso y fiasco total de los políticos sionistas en Occidente.

    1. Since the point has been made many times that Islam is derived from Judaism, Schuster's remarks are, 'reading between the lines,' really about protecting their own. Reading the Hadiths, one comes across the fact that Muhamed's first followers were former rabbis who had 'converted' to Islam (actually, had reverted back to Talmudic Judaism) and Mohamed's first order (of stoning adulterers) was taken from the Judaic code (remember Christ preventing the stoning of the adulteress?). So, looking into Islam in any depth produces the realisation that it emanates from Judaism. This is the reason Jewish bodies speak out about 'islamophobia' and combine it with 'anti-semitism': both terms exist to prevent people from delving into these ideologies and divining the truth of their indissoluble connections.