Sunday, 10 April 2016

On Saturday afternoon, participants in a demonstration at the Zinnwald/Cinovec German-Czech border crossing symbolically closed the old crossing for around ten minutes with a human chain. 
Previously, various speakers had spoken against the German refugee policy in a demonstration lasting around half an hour. Around 300 participants heeded the call of the Czech organisation "Blok proti Islamu" (Block against Islam), which organised two similar demonstrations at two other Czech border crossings at the same time. 
The Pegida movement supported the action on the German side. Its founder Lutz Bachmann was part of the human chain in the Zinnwald. Many of the demonstrators also came from Germany, from towns close to the border and cities like Dresden or Meißen. Among other things they shouted "Festung Europa. Macht die Grenzen dicht." [Fortress Europe. Seal the borders.] At 1.50 pm the crossing was open again.

They sang the German and Czech national anthems. Opposition to Islam is bringing Europe together.


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