Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A commenter, hans, has provided a link to the flyer that was hack-printed at German universities wie von Geisterhand [as if by the hand of a ghost] on Hitler's birthday, as well as a translation of it. Some of it's unclear but the content does correspond perfectly to what was reported about it in the New York Times (link). So it looks genuine to me. I've only changed one part of the translation that I think was mistaken.

Europe awake! Since Europe is flooded with hostile aliens it's time to call into consciousness the words of a former European leader: 
JEWS had been and are the ones who bring the negro to the Rhine. Always with the same hidden agenda and goals: Destroying the white race that they hate with the inevitable coming of bastardization. To lower its cultural and political heights and to raise themselves above as their masters. Because a race-pure folk that is conscious of its blood can never be subjugated/enslaved by the Jew. 
(quote from "Mein Kampf") 
Since only white countries are flooded with hordes of hostile murderers and rapists every European has to ask himself: Is history repeating itself? Has all this been planned from the beginning? Has the destruction of the white race been pursued since before the time of the Weimar Republic? 
Am I going to fight for the survival and future of the White Race? 
It is time to decide if you want to live or die.



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    1. Thanks.

      So it's "nur weiße Staaten" not "nur wenige Staaten". That's what I suspected, but it wasn't clear.

    2. That's right. My mistake, just figured it out.

  2. Europa, erwache!

    Da Europa von feindseligen Fremden überschwemmt wird, ist es an der Zeit, uns die Worte eines früheren europäischen Führers ins Bewusstsein zu rufen:

    Juden waren es und sind es, die den Neger an den Rhein bringen, immer mit dem gleichen Hintergedanken und klaren Ziele, durch die dadurch zwangsläufig eintretende Bastardisierung die ihnen verhaßte weiße Rasse zu zerstören, von ihrer kulturellen und politischen Höhe zu stürzen und selber zu ihren Herren aufzusteigen. Denn ein rassereines Volk, das sich seines Blutes bewußt ist, wird vom Juden niemals unterjocht werden können.

    Da es nur weiße Staaten sind, die von Horden feindseliger Mörder und Vergewaltiger überschwemmt werden, muss jeder Europäer sich fragen: Wiederholt sich die Geschichte? War dies alles seit jeher geplant? Wird die Vernichtung der weißen Rasse schon seit vor Beginn der Weimarer Republik angestrebt?

    Werde ich kämpfen, für Überleben und Zukunft der weißen Rasse?

    Es ist an der Zeit, zu entscheiden, ob du leben oder sterben willst.


  3. http://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2016/04/185018/spain-to-teach-islam-in-public-schools-next-year/

  4. http://www.eloccidental.es/index.php/internacional/item/5648-embajadora-israeli-usad-el-holocausto-para-mantener-sometida-a-alemania

  5. Such a forward thinker that Hitler was. I look forward to the day when America is retooled and the history books extol his virtue. He didn't give a shit about people on other parts of the globe. He loved his people and gave himself...

  6. It would be far more effective, and informative, if this leaflet backed up this statement by listing those politicians, public officials, organisations, NGOs, lobbyists, media, etc, the majority of which are owned, run and agenda-driven by the 'usual suspects'. This would then support the contention in the extract printed. This is how you convince people, not with emotion but by appeal to their reason. It is our rational abilities (thought, discernment, debate, free speech) which our enemies wish to control and redirect and therefore, whilst emotion has its place in any appeal to defend one's own people, one must detail the quite deliberate and well-thought out plans and policies which the enemy pursues and just who and which bodies our opponents belong to, fund and have instituted to pursue their ends.

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