Tuesday, 26 April 2016

As I've pointed out before (link), jihad attacks have indirect consequences that are far more profound than the damage and death caused in the original incident. In any rational assessment of the pros and cons of Muslim immigration, the likelihood (approaching certainty) of jihad attacks and both the direct and indirect consequences of those jihad attacks would have to be factored in.
...the city region of Brussels is experiencing its worst crisis in the post-war era as a result of the attacks of 22 March. This capital of slightly more than a million inhabitants could see 10,000 jobs disappear soon, according to the city's chamber of commerce and industry. Thirty-one thousand people, living in Brussels or in the adjacent areas, have already been temporarily laid off. The drop in business turnover varies between -20% and -40%.

So the next time you hear a politician extol the economic benefits of Muslim immigration, remind him of this.


  1. To what end?

    "This was combined with the Jewish tendency – even among those Jews with no interest in God or his weird picky dietary laws – to overcater. Somewhere deep in the DNA is imprinted the message that tomorrow the Cossacks might be coming and so now you must eat"


  2. Just get rid of them all. Let's stop worrying what people think--racist, old fashioned, un-cool--and killing our enemies.

    They picked the fight. They came to our lands. They cause the problem. Out now

  3. http://www.eloccidental.es/index.php/internacional/europa/item/5644-espana-italia-y-francia-senalados-como-objetivo-terrorista-durante-las-vacaciones