Friday, 8 April 2016

The German police has carried out raids in almost 10 apartements in the German capital, Berlin, in the context of an investigation of nine men suspected of using social networks to incite hatred against refugees and Jews. 
None of the suspects was arrested in the course of the raids targeting nine people suspected of inciting racial hatred. The police indicated that drugs, arms and objects with anti-constitutional symbols had been seized. 
The suspects are men aged between 22 and 58. This is the only information that has come out. They are accused of publishing images against refugees and antisemitic messages on social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter. They have also been accused of distributing music with racist lyrics.


  1. Wow--how sad this is for Germany. These men are patriots who love Germany. Merkel and her weasel henchmen are guaranteeing a bigger backlash against the refugees and migrants, as well as massive social unrest.

    She lets rapist, thieving 3rd world muslims in, forces them on the taxpayers, and arrests people for speaking out.

    I am sure most of the police had a hard time sleeping that night. I'm sure they feel it's wrong deep down

  2. Someone said a mean thing on the internet? Sounds good enough a reason to break in and steal their things, right? Come on Germany, it's you that's letting these crooks masquerade as a government.