Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Belgian lawyer of the main defendant in the Paris attacks explains the difficulty in providing the defence for a a person accused who is so widely despised, someone he moreover considers a "little idiot". 
... He also doesn't hide his contempt for Abdeslam : "He's a little Molenbeek idiot from the world of petty criminality, a follower rather than a leader. He has the intelligence of an empty ashtray, he has an abyssal vacuity. He's the perfect example of the GTA generation [ Grand Theft Auto] who think they live in a video game. He and his friends have succeeded in making an entire religion disliked. I asked him if he had read the Koran, something I've done, and he replied that he had read interpretations of it on the internet. For simple minds, it's perfect, the internet, it's the maximum they can understand." He says he is very uneasy about reactions to his defence of Islam: "The Arabs congratulate me, while the non-Arabs give me hateful looks. It's very unhealthy."


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