Sunday, 3 April 2016

“For more than a thousand years the influence of Mohammedanism, which appears to possess a strange fascination for negroid races, has been permeating the Sudan, and, although ignorance … impeded the progress of new ideas, the whole of the black race is gradually adopting the new religion and developing Arab characteristics. In the districts of the north, where the original invaders settled, the evolution is complete, and the Arabs of the Sudan are a race formed by the interbreeding of negro and Arab and yet distinct from both. … the mixture of the Arab and negro types has produced a debased and cruel breed, more shocking because they are more intelligent than primitive savages.
Source: The River War by Winston Churchill


  1. Nothing to be afraid of. Negroes stand for nothing and fight for less. 1 teenage European trained with a weapon would scatter this whole cowardly group